Czech Republic · 3 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017

22 July 2017

Sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy for the slackness!! Craaaaazy day yesterday! But yesterday morning I got up n checked out early n went to see Prague castle before my train :)) Didn't go in because queues and money but walked round all the grounds in the sun which was nice P.S do NOT ever try and navigate a Czech train station when the train you're getting doesn't have its last destination at your last destination!!!!!!!!!!!! Got there 50 mins early as I always do to get a seat and be chill but there was NO CHILL this time! My platform wasn't released and I couldn't find the right train on the board because my train was called GRAZ where the fuck is that ?!?!? Went to the ticket office four times to ask what platform I was on and all the staff were moody and horrible and told me to look at the board (what did they think I'd been doing for the last half an hour ????????🤔) but I made it somehow

21 July 2017

Sushi spot on my last evening in Prague
Prague marked the budding of a P E N G friendship with Scotland's biggest pisshead and marked my first alcohol sickness hangover since year 11, AND it's bloomin beautiful and hot and loooovely and will be sorely missed ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sat at the John Lennon wall for three hours today watching people from all over the world come and graffiti But actually it made me really sad, because I didn't see one other person actually look at the wall or read what was on there - they just walked up to it and wrote their initials real ugly, or stood in front of it and took a million pictures of themselves next to it from every angle before walking off No one else was there for more than ten minutes, no one read any of the stuff higher up, it was just the same bunch of girls over and over taking mindless selfies and group pictures so that they can post it on social media and say they went I waited til there was almost no one there to get my pictures so that I can actually appreciate what it looks like without shit teenage girls in the way posing (:
Went for a wonder today to see some of Prague sober during the day! Made my way down to the John Lennon wall on foot n crossed the famous bridge with all the big scary statues on but PRAGUE IS PENG and it was tooooooo hot but not really

20 July 2017

During the day yesterday me and pisshead went to a dog park to cure the hangover and there were so many crazy dogs and it was great, but I forgot to get any pictures oops Then we went on a boat party in the evening with a pre party providing unlimited drinks! So you can imagine the state everyone was in, but clever Tammy steered well clear after the night before! But Scott got absolutely mangled n had to be carried off the boat, decided to sleep on the floor whilst I was tying to get a taxi for us but being declined each time because of how messed he was, then luckily a group of English girls on their way home found us and helped me stand him up which meant we could persuade a taxi to let him in, I then had to get him to his room in the hostel and into bed (being a bloody top bunk bed of course) If you can imagine trying to lift a muscley swimming teacher from Scotland into a top bunk when he is only 20% responsive, then you understand the struggle because I'm only smol

19 July 2017

Okay so I've been shit for bloggin Prague soz This is the only pic I have from my first night, because I met a friend I made in Berlin and he drank me under the table and I was completely wrecked beyond belief! So I spent the whole morning next day in bed trying not to move lol and ended up being sick twice which I haven't done from alcohol since a house party in year 11! We also somehow ended up in a strip club on our way home so yeah, mad But it's not all bad, I actually saw a lot of Prague because we got hopelessly lost for a good two hours lol
Touch down in Prague !!!!!!! JEYSUS it's incredible, like even the pavements are cool! Hostel is like a castle and it's huuuge and I'm in a 12 bed dorm! Most the people are out right now though! The money is insane, I have 1000 bills in my purse whaaaaaaaat Used the metro and a tram to get to me hostel which is a teeny bit more impressive than all the other cities because I'm not sure this language could be much further from English if it tried! But yeah, super excited to explore this beauty!