United States of America · 15 Days · 16 Moments · November 2016

Tamara's trip to Jensen Beach, FL, United ...

15 November 2016

11.15 Today was a super lazy day. Weather a bit gray. Up and worked out and then lazed around until this afternoon. Went and walked the beach and had a good swim. Showered. Switched rooms. Supper and tv. Nice to relax today.

14 November 2016

Gorgeous morning. Worked out and spent the morning on the balcony. Went to the beach and looked for shells. Then off to the spa. Mom treated me to an amazing massage and facial. We then had a yummy dinner at Red Lobster. My Momma is so damn good to me. We went to Kohl's after, nobody there! Home for some wentworth and bed.

13 November 2016

11.13 Another good day. Chilled out this morning, cleaned the condo and then down to the beach. Hot and sunny. Came up for the race. Not the ending we hoped for, to say the least. Nice quiet evening. Got Mom into Wentworth!

12 November 2016

11.12 Another fabulous day. Off to Jan's this morning and then shop till ya drop. Pretty Bealls, Walmart and JC Penney...more workout clothes and pajamas lol. Got and hdmi cable and a pitcher at Walmart too. Home and rested for a bit before hitting the beach. Gorgeous day. Hot and sunny...but had some breeze. Did laundry, dinner, tv, etc. So nauseous for the race tomorrow...

11 November 2016

11.11 Remembrance Day / Veterans Day. Mom and I went to the parade in Stuart. Great parade! We went to shitty Bealls in Fort pierce. Then had lunch at Olive Garden. Walgreens on way home. I stayed out of the sun this afternoon...too much yesterday. Quiet evening. Mom made us a late dinner. Great day.

10 November 2016

11.10 Another gorgeous day. Hot hot hot. Went for a walk this morning. No dolphins đŸŦ☚ī¸. Spent the day at the beach. Found parts of a sand dollar haha. Sun so strong today. Got a bit of a sunburn today even though I used a ton of sunblock. Went into jammin Jensen tonight. Dinner at mulligans - so yummy - and browsed craft booths. Town a hoppin. Went to publix after supper.

9 November 2016

11.09 Trump won. Holy catfish. Very lazy day. Gorgeous weather. Spent afternoon at the beach. Tide high this aft! D busy at work. ShakeO arrived. Dyed my hair.

8 November 2016

11.08 Today was a gorgeous day. Up, worked out, to Jan's for breakfast. Then to pretty Bealls. Got a tshirt, cards and a headband. Then to grab some fruit and to walgreens for a few things. Home for a shake and beach time! Cocktail hour on the balcony. Today is Election Day. As of tonight trump is leading. Holy moly. Quiet evening.

7 November 2016

11.07 Great day. Great weather. Off to shitty bealls this morning after workout, balcony, cleaning, etc. Lunch at denny's and then Walmart. Home and spent the afternoon at the beach. Cocktail hour, tv and supper.

6 November 2016

11.06 Another lazy day. Spent the day on the balcony, couch, pool and patiently waiting for rain delayed race. Another delivery from amazon lol. Not a good race... ended due to rain.

5 November 2016

11.05 Lazy day today. Spent a good part of the day at the beach. Spent the evening in.

4 November 2016

11.04 Good day! Shitty Bealls today. Home for the pool and sunshine. Beach chairs arrived! Returned blender and stuff at JC Penney and Walmart. Wings at Buffalo's for supper. Fun place. Publix on way home.

3 November 2016

11.03 Today was mostly overcast...warm and breezy. We went to cvs, marshalls, ulta and Walmart. We made out well! Lunch under the bridge :). Home for R&R.
11.02 Weather not fantastic today so we shopped after spending forever on the phone with thrifty car rental crap. Jan's, drug stores and JC Penney. Evening in. Good day.

1 November 2016

11.01 The Atlantic Ocean - Hello old friend. We headed to paradise after lunch at Cracker Barrel, pedicures and some necessity shopping at Target. We unpacked, had a couple of drinks and a late gourmet dinner 😉. Can't believe we get to spend a month here.
Goodbye Toronto 👋đŸŧ