Portugal · 9 Days · 15 Moments · June 2017

Vale de Moses - Yoga Retreat week in Portugal

26 June 2017

Realised I never finished this off. Goodbye Vale de Moses with your wildfire threats and crazy heat, vegan food, a bit dry nature, amazing massages and yoga, super happy dogs, piglet obsession and best of all, a group full of amazingly lovely humans!! 😍 We talked about a Brighton reunion with the lot from the UK and Ireland...so maybe see you soon! Thanks for having me Andrew and Vonetta Ps: Friday night with alcohol and dancing 😎 all I can say is.....deeesspaacciittoo

25 June 2017

I can't believe I ate vegan for a whole week!!!!! it was tasty I have to say but def went for a steak after 😏 Ayurvedic the whole week. Mainly means a lot of spices and most things are warm. Which was hard for me as it was pretty hot so having warm soup...well.

24 June 2017

Our lovely group of 16 people in action with some partner yoga. Farida, Aletta, Sima, Birgitt, Thierry, Marianna, Heidi, Rebekka, Shelly, Ellis, Sam, Monica, Eugenie, Merlo and Nisha. And the lovely staff with our yoga teacher Vonnetta and Dedie, Piotr and Alicia the massage therapists. And ofc chef Raul and Andrew the owner. Not one person I didn't like I have to say. Pretty cool πŸ€—
Friday afternoon trip to the river Zezere, followed by a mud bath as well as a village wine stop. This area was stunning!!
It's a pretty awesome retreat I have to say. Not totally my thing when they start mantra chanting and too much meditation just makes me sleepy but the people are all sooooo lovely and the food (obviously vegetarian/vegan) was very delicious. I also really like this kind of yoga. Asthanga Vinyasa they call it. It's a mix of flow and poses. More strength than flexibility required really. Daily schedule is: - 7.45am silent guided morning walk with Andrew - 8.30-10.30 am morning yoga with Von (she usually didn't stop until 11 though) - 10.30am breakfast - 2pm lunch - 5-7pm yoga - 7pm dinner Inbetween there are some AMAZING massages available. I had 3 😎
Our yoga shala. Pretty awesome place for some asthanga vinyasa practise. My spot was on the very left next to the window πŸ€— We had 4h of yoga a day, 8.30-10.30am and 5-7pm.
My accomodation for the week - soulpad 😎. They have electricity and a radiator (which i def didn't need). Was a bit far from the facilities and quite high up so quickly jumping to your "room" was not a possibility. It was soo hot that temperatures inside reached up to 48 degrees!!! So every soulpad has hammocks outside for daytime naps and chilling. Would have loved some hill view too but all in all I liked it in there. I got used to the crawlies around at some point and the bed was comfy. Very quiet and an amazing place to see some awesome starry night sky.

22 June 2017

Little sunset hike to one of Portugals abandonned villages. Pretty sad story when all young people move out and the old ones die and a once thriving village becomes abandoned. This one is about a 40min hike from the retreat. Pretty creept vibe there tbh and the main house is called the devils house. The last villager was an old lady and she insisted of staying and died in the house so shes probably still there. Fielguieras or something like that was the name.

21 June 2017

My two new best friends....Mokscha and Saphira 😍
Some impressions from Vale de Moses 😎

19 June 2017

So finally here. Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat. First yoga class at 8.30am. Place is pretty awesome and the people are super nice!! And best part: they have dogs and natural pools!! So far so good 😊

18 June 2017

First night of the retreat we actually had to spend in a Hotel in Oleiros as there were dangerous wildfires all around us and staying in the forest wasn't the best of plans. Was pretty weird having smoke everywhere and ash floating around. The hotel was super fancy though, everyone got a huge room and we went to the bar and made the best out of it. Thankfully by the morning it was safer and it even rained a little so most fires were out or under control. So we started the day with arriving at the retreat and some morning yoga action. Def an adventurous first night.
Met one fellow yoga human last night for dinner, Rebekka from Germany. We had a lovely evening with even lovelier Sangria. Today we meet some others before the coach departs to the retreat. So far everyone seems lovely. A nice european mix.
At the hostel breakfast I heared someone struggling to talk in Hochdeutsch to a german person and thought she must be Austrian. Turns out she was from KΓ€rnten. From St.Veit hahah!! wonderful. Love those random people you meet when staying im hostels. Also got a Port Wine from the hostel. Yay It's called the New Hub Hostel Lisbon. It was a bit loud at night though.

17 June 2017

Spending one night in Lisbon before it goes up north to the centre of Portugal, Amiera to the Vale de Moses Yoga retreat. Lisbon seems super tidy and clean...and I like this portuguese style with colourful tiles and mosaic work and palm trees everywhere. Reminds me of Black Sails the tv series and I feel like I'm on Nasa being a sweaty pirate in the 16th century πŸ˜„. 42 degrees fun...(went back to the hostel twice to shower haha)