Germany · 3 Days · 11 Moments · July 2017

19 July 2017

The best of blunt drunk Tammy looool - bob followed me to my room last night and said he wouldn't leave without a kiss, at which point I literally pushed him out the door and closed it hahah, receiving this message shortly after - SO ANNOYING because we are doing the same trip and could've been really good friends but now Ima have to avoid because I don't want none of that !! Gayyyyy

18 July 2017

Last night was an absolute whirlwind! Bob has decided that I'm his property which is FAB n I spent the entire time trying to par him n get his arm off me, which meant I didn't get to spend as much time wth my oz friends :(( poor Kate was getting very down about life also because the girl she's travelling with whose her cousin is a bit of a character, went out both nights taking copious amounts of cocaine and MD and ecstasy leaving Kate alone (if she hadn't been with me), so I spent some time with her in our room speaking to her about that and I was very sad to leave her this morning because me and her spent loads of time together and had a great laugh away from the druggo n she is one of the most hilarious people I've ever met - she will be very missed, my first proper friend on my travels so far ♥️
Today me n Kate n the guy doing the same thing as me - he's called bob but that is a bad name for him so we've called him Justin because he looks exactly like Justin timberlake in friends with benefits lol - he's also Scottish and does impressions from brave for me so that's good - but yeah we went to the Brandenburg gate n the memorial for murdered Jews then went n chilled in a park for a bit, was nice to be around people who are nice and fun again buuut it was tiring because I'm somehow the only one that knows how to navigate ?? So I had to sort out their tickets and get us all on and off the train at the right stop so I'm definitely glad I still have time on my own to be the tam nav n just worry about myself n no one else
The two Australian girls in my room invited me for drinks outside last night n I went of course! Met a Scottish guy who is doing the same trip as me finally! He started a day after me which means on my second day in every place he'll arrive, which is good because I quite like being on my own but it's also nice to have someone to chill/drink wth and it also means we can go clubbing if we want to because we're both alone so wouldn't go otherwise! Last night was hilarious though, I haven't laughed so much in a long time! A random Canadian guy jumped over the fence and sat with us, and joined in our game of ring of fire.. he got which every number means you gotta pick a category and was so drunk he said 'horses' and there were so many inappropriate jokes coming from him it was just too funny, I don't know how he was alive! Then we got back to the room and Kate (oz in my room) was an absolute riot throwing one liners all over the place and it was just too funny, great night!

17 July 2017

Bye Berlin! You were cool n I'm sad to be leaving you and your graffiti and my fav Australians behind - until next time xxxxx
So surreal n scary, can't imagine walking past that watch tower when the wall was still up Greg sent me on a hunt for a football sticker his friend stuck on the wall a lil while back, n I found the exact spot but the sticker was gone (a good thing I think because messi kinda ruins the atmosphere loool)
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IS THIS WHAT HEAVEN LOOKS LIKE y am I so vegan and shit hahha, excited about finding g free d free goodies that everyone else would think are bloomin rank (: Good food tho, found a mega supermarket wth a fresh sushi stand n a decent free from section so happy days!
Got lost looking for the shop but it was worth it bcos found some pretties

16 July 2017

Got to Berlin yesterday at 8pm but had a shitty day travelling n didn't feel like an update Got a three day travel pass n found the right tram to get to my hostel Staying at the circus hostel, it's bloomin huge and very abstract just like the rest of Berlin No en suite but that's pretty standard I just got lucky the last two cities Had no roommates at all last night but just before I went out today I got two Australian girls into my room, which means there's only one bed free now so we'll see if anyone comes or na Pillows are INCREDIBLE tho they are huuuge and comfy, good sleep