Croatia · 1 Days · 4 Moments · July 2017

31 July 2017

Last lil sit before my train to Slovenia - Croatia you were very hot and very sweet and I will be back for more for sure ♥️
It is 35 DEGREES and too hot to function so instead I'm drunk cider Croatia I LIKE YOU a lot

30 July 2017

Lil explorings for the day n I want to find a bar for later on because everyone is English here and yesterday the entire train was filled with other versions of Tammy and I'm verryyyyy lonely after spending so much time with other humans but I ain't finding any n this makes me sads
Touch down in Croatia yesterday - stayed in a hotel so I could actually eat because the western union was pretty much shut by the time I got into zagreb meaning if I'd stayed in my hostel I wouldn't have eaten all day n would still have no money Mumma booked me a taxi through the hotel and the guy was waiting outside my train with a sign saying my name which means I'm practically famous Got to the hotel n she'd already pre ordered room service to get to my room WHAT A GEM I've never eaten so quick in my life Spent the morning looking for the western union n have finally sorted out some money for here and Slovenia which is a lil weight off my shoulders It's HOT and it's going to be even hotter tomorrow so let's get this tan happening