Austria · 4 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

25 July 2017

Been too busy to be updating sorry, but here's a lovely pic from sansibar in Vienna, a lil waterfront club me and scotty special stumbled upon n created the best night out ever in (: happiest of memories

22 July 2017

After the fire bangs we went n sat by one of the many rivers in Vienna with a bottle of some kind of fizzy wine n watched the world go by :)) we then decided to see if we could find a bar or something n it turned it there was this crazy riverside area just behind us! So we went into the club there and they were playing the BEST bangers and we had the BEST night, stopped drinking when we said we would, no creeps, no sick, no paralytic Scott on the floor, and both home safe even though we were staying on opposite sides of the city! Not bad going, and to top it all off all the people in my room have checked out loool life is peng P.S my feet hurt more than life ow
SO my pal Scott was already in Vienna when I got here, and to make up for his drunken ordeal in Prague he took me to some fireworks :)) it was actually the first time I've met him when he's been completely sober lol but it's all good because we still got on great! So after the day I just had, this was the perfect release and it was loooovely
After the worlds WORST station experience I decided to draw on the train to destress! So here's a shit drawing of a shit hipster bloomin who knows how this came out my hand ????? But really I'm just using this as the photo to back the worlds WORST hostel check in experience (yday was not my day lol) Same company as Amsterdam and they had my name down as Claire again ??? (Who is Claire from Surrey and why is she me??) but yeah changed all the details on the sheet again and wrote my date of birth as 02/01/17 which means I'm quite possibly the worlds youngest person to travel Europe alone??? Got into my room, I was the last bed free and there was so much shit everywhere that I couldn't even put my bag down on the floor without moving people's stuff, it was a bloody sauna n I was already boiling from a bloody hot day, and to top it all off the bed I was supposed to have hadn't been made because one of the other girls had her shit all over it 🙃 I ran out of space loool TO BE CONTINUED
So yeah went downstairs n said to the receptionist that I wasn't sure if the bedding on my bed had been changed because one of the other girls in my room had her stuff on it so the housekeepers might've thought someone was sleeping there, and asked him to check he'd definitely put me in the right room because all the girls were sleeping so didn't want to disturb them any more than I already had.. but instead of listening to me he was just like okay I'll come up with you and he brought clean sheets and stuff and we got into the room and he looked the the bed and was like 'oh, you have bedding, couldn't you just make the bed yourself?' Making me look like the WORST primadonna rich girl bitch alive in front of all the girls I was with 🙃 then the girl who's stuff was on my bed said that she'd just chucked it up there during the day but hadn't touched the bedding and it made me look like I'd gone to try and get her in trouble and I was DYING what a shit day !!!!!!!