Ireland · 4 Days · 9 Moments · March 2019

Taking on Ireland.

10 March 2019

Last day... stopped by the seaside but really windy and cold so didnt get out. Then saw a shop called Mr Price. Now at the airport waiting to board.

9 March 2019

Last dinner and after walking around for half hour looking for gluten free places we ended up in pizza express. James's sad little pizza compared to the ones me and Anne were given.
Went to see places Anne stayed with family when she was little. First place is all destroyed now which is sad then we stopped in at 2 different cousins and got to meet some cows, chickens and donkeys. 😊
So day 3...met with James's celebrity god mother for breakfast before going round the shops. Castle in the shopping centre and would appear they like those hats out here dearest still not for me though.

8 March 2019

Finally made it to cousin Mae's and had an amazing roast well worth getting lost for. Spoke to a few cows and learnt alot about James's family tree...not from the cows.
Saw some amazing houses on our adventure.
Day 2 of fun. Arrange to go to Anne's cousins for lunch but who woulda known their was more than one area called Cloonkeen. We got lost and had to stop in the only pub for miles and get directions which we didnt use in the end. Long journey with James losing his patience haha

7 March 2019

Saved the chogs till last 😍. Been past Hyde hotel and Ryans shop. Then got what we came for. For his 30th Anne wanted to get James a Claddagg ring. In Tradition the one that buys you the ring must put it on your finger. Anne had a tear.
Landed safely. Staying in an apartment in Eyre Square Galway. Air is clean and motorways are traffic free.