Singapore, Taiwan · 2 Days · 6 Moments · May 2016

Taiwan 8/5-20/5/16

9 May 2016

Off to another fav mall which is eslite 松菸😊 really love this mall for its beautiful exterior with a pond and also the huge bookstore in it. It also has the famous 吳寶春 bakery. We grabbed some buns and then went for tea hunting. Found The tea shop I was looking for. But sadly after much elaboration from the tea master, packaging is nicer than tea lol. And there goes 💸. Even poured away the tea to keep the nice bottles. Walked back to 市政府. Shopped a bit at the 統一阪急百貨 and off to the next destination! Took the mrt to 雙連 Had our fav tako balls from Gindaco before going to the night market And we had my favorite 方家雞飯 at 寧夏夜市! Also ordered a green and an omelette. Damn satisfying meal😋 After that we even ventured to 龍山夜市! However as it was late, the walk there was quite scary! Went to find my iPhone charger and supermarket shopping and headed back!
The food court has the same style as singapore's food republic. And this was our extremely late lunch at around 4! And it was quite nice! Went to shop at the supermarket to get my organic lavender shampoo and then we left the mall! Went to shop at daiso before heading back to 板橋 station
We didn't quite know how to walk from our hotel to mrt and ended up walking a longer route there but we found the places that we have last went to on our first trip of taiwan! A noodles place and tze char place! Went to 板橋 and upon reaching the station we found the snacks shops we were looking for! We had 洪瑞珍三明治 and 八天堂 desserts from Japan. We were looking to go to 遠東百貨 and didn't know there were 2 malls there. So we went to the wrong one first but managed to make booking for a buffet We wanted to try!! And lol we were stopped by a sales promoter selling some exfoliating cream and spent quite awhile talking to her. Went to muji and then we left the mall to go to the mega mall. Luckily for us we managed to hitch a ride on a shuttle bus to the mall as it was raining! Haha and we weren't quite sure if the bus was bringing us to the right place but luckily it did. We crossed over the street to get my 茶湯會 bbt and went to had our lunch!

8 May 2016

It was already 8+ 9pm when we settled everything and after a bath, we went to explore xmd and settled for this 滷味 for dinner which we found on our last trip. Our fav 王子麵 + 滷味. Best combi ever! We walked back to dabao 豪大大雞排 and fried mushrooms! And we also had Cheese potato. Which was damn good. We dabao back and ate in the hotel and slept early that night!
Also we had my fav handmade noodles (家傳細麵) and 滷肉飯 from 鬍鬚張! Note to self: next time just order ala carte and not the set and save much more!! Went to get data and buy tix for transport to Taipei main station! It was already starting to get dark at 6 and upon reaching Taipei main station we took a cab to our hotel at Xmd. So happy to be back at Xmd and even happier when we were told we got a free upgrade at our hotel!! We got a family room (gasps) at $50/night (price for the smallest room). When we entered our room we got a pleasant shock as we had 2 queen size bed all to ourselves and also a huge room and bathroom! So so so damn happy! The hotel was also new and the room was very clean! Good start to our trip :)
We met up at about 10.30am with my dad dropping me at the airport T2. I was quite sleepy tho cos i only had 4 hours of sleep before as I was busy packing. Check in was a breeze! Settled for mcds breakfast deluxe! But realized there was a hk eatery inside and should have eaten that😭 Went to buy toiletries at Watsons and went up on the flight! Was pretty impressed by scoot!! Departed at 12pm :) It was a smooth flight and very enjoyable! definitely gonna choose Scoot > any other budget airlines. Bought pretz and coconut water on flight and soon we reached TPE at 4+! Immigration was a breeze and after collecting our luggages and we headed straight to the airport food court to have my long awaited fav bubble tea from 春水堂