Taiwan · 3 Days · 14 Moments · February 2017

Taiwan Travels

25 February 2017

Since we stayed near Ximending, we roamed around a little more and found this reaaaally pretty drink! It's just after the mini lane with street food.
We headed to NANJICHANG Night Market and had some damn good chicken and tang yuan that had amazing soup bases that you can match the peanut and sesame fillings with! Hehe
I mean, what's a pretty aesthetic museum visit without some shots? Hehe. And then Bel's friend came to pick us up for the night market! Hehe
TAIPEI FINE ART MUSEUM!!! It took us awhile to get to the main entrance but it was worth it~ We managed to catch an amazing photo exhibition and IT WAS HUGE.
MAJI Square! En-route to the Taipei Fine Art Museum. Hehe. A really pretty place with a food court, mini-stalls with a Pasarbella vibe~

24 February 2017

JIU FEN!! It was a really rainy day AND I AM TALKING ABOUT HORIZONTAL RAIN where we had to get raincoats on top of our umbrella. It was reaaaally cold too but it was a really pretty place, A MUST VISIT!!! Hehe. Also, this AH MEI Tea House is a famous tourist attraction but we didn't manage to check it out :(
Because it rained so much, we sought shelter indoors in a quaint tea house at the end of the old streets of Jiufen.
GETTING TO JIUFEN: Take a train to (a four letter name station) Take 1062 to Jiufen
AT JIUFEN!! This peanut ice-cream wrap is a MUST TRY. Weirdest combinations but damn it was so gooddddddd
When we were dry and after the rain dampened our JIU FEN parade :(

23 February 2017

Trekking up and down XIANGSHAN!!!
My travel buddies for this grad trip! Hehe. Aka FAB cos Andrea and Belva
A pretty view after a short but arduous hike!!! Also, it's kinda easy to get here, just take the Red Line to XIANGSHAN which is at the end of it and exit the station and walk along the pavement till you pass a temple! The entrance will be right around there!