Japan, Taiwan · 9 Days · 85 Moments · January 2018

Tahlia and Keely's voyage in Japan

6 February 2018

We also made the winter Mellon jello, too

4 February 2018

The dinner was delicious mommy ,Tahlia and I made it together !!!
We’re so happy that Kasia is with us again. Kasia was so excited too:):):)
We’re eating hot pot at grandpa & grandma’s house, and we also get to take Kasia home too! I miss her so so much:)
Yeah! Kasia is coming back with us :)she has grown a lot bigger sense I saw her last time!(and fatter) She is so excited 😆.
It is always best to have some hot bubble tea when we were back from a trip.
The first day breakfast at Taiwan 🇹🇼! We found out that seaweed with sweet potato is very delicious too 😋😋😋

3 February 2018

After three hours of flight. We finally arrived at Taiwan. It's so good to see all those fimiliar buildings. We got on to a taxi that would take us home. What was real funny was that our taxi driver was named 李松山, and he went to 松山 airport to pick us up.
We've just arrived at Taipei songsan airport. so happy to be home, but I still love this trip very much ! See you at April Japan:)
Having our dinner on the airplane.
We’re leaving Japan 🇯🇵, goodbye Japan, see you in two months! I will miss you:)
We’re at Taipei 松山airport:)
We’re eating Berger at the Tokyo airport:)I was delicious 🤤
We spent the last few hours of our time drinking hot chocolate, shopping, and we also went to have some delicious but also very expensive burgers. We also saw some squidball, but it was made by an indian chef, so we thought it wouldn't be as delicious. It has been a great day, and I would surely miss Japan.
After we left our rental car, we got on to this shuttle bus. It will take us to the airport. Look at how much baggages we have. Just us alone take up all the spaces in their trunk.I even thought that this car was auto-pilot mini cart, and I was so excited, I think “This was my first time taking a auto-pilot mini cart !yeah!yeah!yeah!” I told Keely that this was an auto-pilot mini cart ! And we’re so happy, but then mommy told us that this is just a auto-matic door in side the common car !
We are now returning our car right now. It has been really helpful for us. The trunk was really big and it made the space very relaxing and confortable.
We found our favorite store to eat squitball. The squitball here is so delicious. It is not soft and soggy. I think that is the reason why it taste so good. Daddy and mommy bought 2 plate of squitball for us. I am so glad that we get to enjoy our favorite squitball before we leave Japan.
This is so cute, it’s a little ice cream towel ! I love it ! I also saw Tortoro towel too.
We arrived at the world of lego. So many cool stuff here. There are princess lego, lego friends, famous building in lego form, and there are also starwars lego. They made every charcter seems so thin even Ursula the witch look so thin and young. The coolest lego I saw in the store was a Lego Friends ski resort set. There was a small snow mountain, a gondola, a mountain map, a ticket cener and there was also a ski resort in the set.
Tahlia and I have always been a fan of Lego Friends. Because they always make their lego so delicate. This set is no exeption. This is my favorite LEGO friend set, they’re skiing! There was an i phone 📱 on the table👍👍👍
We spent some time at this store. It is called Afternoon tea. There are so many cute things here. I really like the cat eye mask, and the green dog bag. They looks so useful and beautiful at the same time.
Some more pictures for Afternoon tea store.My favorite is the cactuses on top of the shelf!It’s so cute!
Kate spade is such a colorful place. The clothing and bags here are all filled with color. I also found some very cool earrings. They are in the shape of glasses and mustaches.
After having lunch, we went to Gucci. There are so many bags here. There are also sun glasses. But I don't think I need them, so we move on to our next stop.
After coldstone we went to have Freshness Burgers This is our favorite burger place in Japan. The burgers are all organic here. We ordered four burgers, crispy chicken burger, classic cheese burger, and two beef burgers. It is so tasty! But eating burgers is still not good for your health. no discount for burgers!!
We first arrived at Coldstone ice cream. There are so many choices, and there is a 10% off discount if you use the savings passport. There was a seasonal apple pie ice cream. So we thought we would try that. It was very different from the ice cream we usally eat because there are sweet potatoes in the ice cream. But it was still really tasty.
After one hour of driving, we arrived at Sano Premium Outlets. This place is full of delicious food stores, cosmetic stores, and lots of clothing stores. We first went to the information center and get our savings passport. If you have this passport it would be very useful. You can get a discount on the things you buy. Although most of the clothing store does not have discount. So, it is a bit expensive comparing to their usual price.

2 February 2018

At night we went to 平家的里. There is a lantern festival there. It is full of small igloos with lights inside. It looks amazing. There were also some big igloo that were big enough for our entire family to step inside. Last time when we went to we went to see this kind of festival too. I think Jozenki I liked that one better because there were more lanterns and they were lit up by fire and candles as opposed to electric flashlights.
We arrived at our
It is such a beautiful place, it looks like little fairy's houses.
Today, we checked out of Yutorian hotel. While mommy and daddy were talking. Keely and I went to play with the snow. We discovered that there is a cherry tree infront of the hotel. It must be really beautiful in spring.
There are so many treasures in this hotel. It thought thus one was the coolest. This is the firefighter clothing. A long time ago, the firefighter would use the hamer to brake the house and get rid of the fire. The fabric that is used to make the firefighter clothes can obsorve water. They would pour water on the clothing and it would protect them from the fire. But the sleves was very short, i wonder how would they protect their hands.
Having breakfast at Yutorian hotel. There are so much to eat here. There are mango drink, some fruits, miso soup, salmon, eggs, rice, and . Mommy said the egg that they use is
This was the breakfast at Yutorian hotel, I don’t like this dish salad, because the vegetables cooked too much, so the taste was isn’t delicious 🤢🤢🤮🤮
This is the coolest plate I’ve ever seen(or a bowl), it is a!!!I love the egg but the rest is not so good 😊.but still I love this hotel and after breakfast we’re going to the last stop Neco

1 February 2018

This is our the second last hotel of this trip, this hotel is in Kawabata, called yutorian hotel. They gave us two bathtubs and one bathtub is outside, and the outside one has TV!!! But it’s so tiny and we’re going to there onsen!
We are Look how much snow there is on the mountain. The whole mountain is covered with snow. It looks just like a
This is our new hotel, it’s very cool, we have to take a car called “electric go car ”and it will take us to our room.
This is our dinner, it’s a oudong restaurant. We have two rices , and beef, and fish with rices! My favorite is the first photo, the rices .
There’s a big box in our hotel room and I don’t know why this thing is here, I can’t even open it!!!
We’re at the snow monkey park, and mommy bought this candy, which was the snow monkey head on it, it was so cute!
This is the map of the snow monkey park:)
This is the skeleton of the snow monkey, it’s in the snow monkey park. It’s very cool !
This is what the snow monkey eat !
The baby snow monkey is thinking “Why are you guys all take photos of me!stop it !NO!” And then the snow monkey turn away. That’s so cute and so funny, and everybody is laughing at that baby snow monkey, and the snow monkey ran away,it’s so hilarious 🤣 🤣🤣🤣
We’re at snow monkey park, it’s so cute, the mommy snow monkey is hugging the baby snow monkey sleeping 💤 ,it’s so cute,I love it:)
Another family sleeping together, so sweet.
This afternoon we went to see some snow monkey. They are knee high and they are not scared of humans
This is the restroom sign in the snow monkey park
When we arrived at the snow monkey park it was almost noon. So, we diced that we will eat first. We found this restaurant there and ordered a plate of sushi, shrimps and two bowls of reman. They are really tasty but I think the reman in 永康 street tastes way better.
We’re leaving Sierra resort Hacuba:)and they gave us two apple and a piece of paper that says “Thank you for staying with us at Sierra resort Hacuba.......” I love this hotel !!!

31 January 2018

We had our own privite onsen by our self. Mommy reserved 2 onsen for Keely and I. The first on was an outdoor onsen. In is a romane style onsen surrounded by lots of snow. The second one is outside of the hotel. Beside a small treehouse. It looks just like a pot ready to cook.some children. The water was boiling hot. When i put my legs in the water my legs instintly turned red. So, we didn't spent so much time in the pool. But after we went to these private bath, I still think that the public pool is more comfortable.
This is the salad. With tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. It was very healthy: ) But it’s so so expensive!
This is the dinner here at the 2 ad day at Hakuba Sierra hotel. We ate pasta,it’s delicious! We all so ate a bowl of salad too, and mini pizza, and XX.
At night we went outside to play. Outside is full of snow. They also made an igloo. Inside the igloo, there are red bean soup and rice soup inside. But they are too sweet. So I can’t really enjoy it. There is a snowman beside the igloo. And it’s noise fell off. But whenI tried to put it back. The whole head fell off.
Today before dinner, Tahlia and I went to play snow. And we found a frozen pond, so Tahlia said she will step on top of the frozen pond and see if the frozen pond was a good place to play. “Plop!” When I tern around Tahlia’s foot was in the water. “Halp!Keely!pull me up !” I tried to pull her, but I can’t pull her up because she is too heavy for me. Later on Tahlia some how climbed up. Her shoes are all wet, so we went back to the hotel, and we all went to the washroom to dry her shoes! And you can see, the photo up there has a hole, that is we’re Tahlia fall: )
We went to ski from 4pm to 6pm. It was late in the evening and not alot of people was there. So, there was only one sky lift that was open for use. And the sky lift was for the bunny hills. So we spent our time trying to remember how to ski.
My breakfast is corn salad with smashed potatoes, and chocolate cereal.Keely is the same!
We went to ski at 4 o’clock, I all most forgot how to ski so I need to learn it again ! Sorry I don’t have any photo, I’m too busy at leaning skiing

30 January 2018

Our new hotel is so nice and so beautiful 😍,I think this is my favorite hotel in this trip.
I’m playing snow❄️ ! Trying to make a snowman while daddy and mommy is using the restroom. Instead of a snowman I think I made a snow mountain⛰. There are so much snow!!
Saying bye bye to Shinyu ! We’re now going to hakuba !yeah!!!
I’m playing with the snow ,but it got on to my head!!!🤭🤭🤭
Looking down from the bridge!
Last time taking a picture of our hotel. We are going to a ski resort today. This ski resort also has hot spring. I can’t wait!! 😘
Tahlia and I was playing with the snow during the time when mom and dad were shopping in our hotel. This place is amazing. I thought it would only appear in my dreams. Tahlia and I decided to take some pictures of us and the snow. This is what we’ve got.
We came back to take some pictures of the onsen in the morning.
Have you ever tasted miso soup with Jello. When
This is the dinner,and as you see this was curry. I love curry but they put curry at the back of the menu, so when they gave me the curry, I was so full that I can’t eat my favorite curry:(
The breakfast here Shinyu hotel just makes me full .l thing I don’t need to eat lunch anymore:)
I don't remember taking this picture, but it sure is pretty isn't it.
Last photo of the day.
Cookies on top of the table.👍👍👍
We came to this Shinyu hotel at 7:00pm, it’s a little bit late, but we we went to eat immediately after we checked in to our hotel.Oh! let me tell you about our room. It have two bath room ,and a little table at the middle, it have milk cookies on top of it :)

29 January 2018

The red thing is the pepper berry,it’s on top of the Ocean perch carpaccio. I think the pepper berry is delicious, but the carpaccio is very raw, so I didn’t like it very much. But still it’s good try the food here even though it’s not so yummy: )
Last , the desserts,we eat two ice cream!(mini ones),but it’s tasty 😋.And there was a little green tea cake with green tea 粉,
We thought it was really cool that they seperate the different styles of the toilet. Although the inside just looks like a normal toilet.
This is what happens if you tell the waiter that you can't drink milk. During our refreshment dish. They surve us Yuzu citrus sorbet. But mommy told them that she couldn't drink or eat anything that has milk. So they served mommy a plate of very salty vegtables. It was so funny and we couldn't stop laughing. But actually, there are not suppose to be milk in the sorbet.
This is the third dish for dinner. It was shrimp mousse bouillabaisse soup with green onion, potatoes and shrimps. It was really salty, this made the flavor stronger. I had to drink a lot of water to wash out the saltyness. But I still think that this is my second favorite dish.
Our first dinner on this trip. It is an amusemu dish that includes Wagyu cigarette, mussel chuad froid, smoked shrimp, fride sesame tofu with balsamic sauce, shinshu salmon and pork tongue with black pepper. Unfortunally, Keely does not seems to like the tofu dish. As soon as she put it in her mouth, she spit it out.
After we finish our dinner, we went to the spa. There wasn’t a lot of people. Most of them stayed their for no more than 30mins. So, we get to enjoy the whole pool by ourselves. We invented a game. We thought it was the best game that we ever invented. To play this game we will need a big bathing bowl, 4 number chip, and a spa pool. We divided the pool in to vertical and horizontal lines. We cut the horizontal lines into 14 section. Each section represents 10 small lines. Just like a ruler. So there are exactly 140 lines in the horizontal line. For the vertical lines there is only one point which is 40 (in the middle). person 1 will swim with the bathing bowl. Person 2 will have the four number chips. If person two’s first number is 20. Then when person 1 swim to horizontal number 20. Person 2 will have to throw the chip. If the chip got in the bowl. Then person 2 get 20 points. If it touch the bowl but fall down the water then you get 10 points.
I started to imagine that we would be on the newspaper next day, and the headline would be "two children age 10 and13 died in the snow because they don't know how to open a door. So, we ran back and start screaming for help. Keely tried to open the door again and strangly it opens. Without another thought we ran in and shut the door behind. Our wet hair turn into icycle. But we were finally save.
This is the best part of this whole day. Keely and I were looking for more hot springs. We found an entrance to a series of outdoor hot springs. We open the door and found ourselves in a winter wonderland. I placed my hand on the snow. It was freezing. So I thought it would be a better idea to go back inside. However, the door was lock or so it seemed at the time. No matter how hard I tried to turn the door knob, the door would not open. At first, I thought it was just because my hands were cold and does not have strenght. But the door just did not want to open. I started hitting the door and making loud noises to try to get someone’s attention. Nobody was outside. Keely and I started running towards the front gate. But to go their, we had to step onto the cold snow. I was only wearing my Yukata and slippers. It was so cold that I couldn't feel my own feet. It was probably a very bad idea, because I couldn't find a route to the front gate. To be continued..