United States of America · 5 Days · 13 Moments · June 2018

Tagalog Special Preaching Campaign

14 June 2018

Another full day of service followed by a gathering at the Albis home. The hospitality is never-ending here! We're all so tired but it's imposible to say no when the friends have lovingly prepared for us. It's worth it though, we can sleep when we get home!

13 June 2018

Plus a quick photoshoot and nap before the evening group
We had a leisurely lunch/outing with the Hawaiian delegates today. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

12 June 2018

We managed to support all three service groups today! It was a long, enjoyable day. The goal of this campaign is to have conversations, play videos, and start Bible studies. We were able to start a conversation with a nanay standing in her yard when we pulled up. Her address wasn't on the territory and the addresses we did have ended up not even being Filipino. We complemented her flowers and let the conversation progress naturally. Next thing we knew she was giving us a gladiolas plant and timing Laurel (bay) leaves for us to take. We were even able to play the 1 minute video and place the Good News brochure with her. She was camera shy but let us take photos with her beautiful flowers.
And we got a hula show!

11 June 2018

We even got gifts!
The food
Small get together for the delegates this week since we'll be gone already when they have the big one
Full day of service complete with lunch provided by the host congregation. We joined delegates from Hawaii (8) and Minnesota (2) + the local friends supporting. Our young friend Kalel sums up our feeling but it's a good tired!

10 June 2018

First meeting with the Pacific Coast Tagalog congregation and the 13 of us from Berryessa Tagalog.
Welcome bags for our group courtesy of our travel agent (Ate Ardith) πŸ˜‰
We were the first family (out of 5) to arrive at our Airbnb at about 8pm. About an hour later, we had a welcome committee (Gonzaga family) show up at our door with our welcome packages. The boys were so well behaved, polite, and able to hold meaningful conversations. My favorite kind of kids! 😁 Jorel (holding the sign on the left) is 10 years old and Pacific Coast Tagalog's youngest pioneer. Noah (8?) will be getting baptized at their Regional Convention in August and even helped me meal prep! They stayed until all the other families staying with us arrived and dutifully held up their signs for each arrival ☺️