China · 4 Days · 16 Moments · August 2017

Trip to Xichang,Sichuan

2 September 2017

Time to go back,the beautiful views are always on the way : )
We paid a visit to a tour spot named Red Rock Beach after breakfast. But unfortunately it was raining when we got there so the two little ones were not allowed to get out of the car by their mother. I grabbed the umbrella and dashed out to take some pictures of the red stones and then came back to the cottage. On the way back we met some cattle blocking our way and herds of sheep grazing on the grass slope. The two kids were very excited to see that and strongly asked to get off the car to watch them. Luckily, the rain stopped at that moment.
A chilling morning with floating fogs.

1 September 2017

The rumbling roadroller got in the way of our village homestay nearby as we approached before dark.
After lunch in the hotel, we began to drive back to Chengdu but we would had some stopovers in the next days. One of the scenic spot we first stopped was the Yihai lakelet. It was surrounded by some mountains and actually more famous for its particular background of Chinese Communist Party's minority policy in the historically revolutionary period.For more details of it, search in Baidu with"彝海结盟".
The next morning we went to visit the Qionghai Hotel which was recommended by the local people for the reason of its fabulous environment and a good place to see the peacocks for children.

31 August 2017

We had our dinner at a food street and ordered the local delicacies: Xichang Barbecue and Xichang Drunk Shrimp. To be frank, the barbecue was just so so, but the drunk shrimp which mixed the tiny shrimps with some alcohol and chili oil tasted spicy and fragrant. If you don't mind the pungent flavor, it is still worth a try.
There was a manmade sand beach on the lakeside where children could build sand castle like in a real seaside.We went there in the afternoon and stayed till the sunset, the two kids had a lot of fun there.
Our hotel is located at a newly-built commercial street along the inland artificial river. Walked along the river to the end, we arrived at the most famous scenic spot-Qionghai Lake in Xichang.
Qionghai Lake is really huge which was far beyond my imagination. According to the official statistics, the water area is about 30 square kilometers with 35 kilometers in circumference. The first stop we arrived was called Yanyuluzhou wetland.
The hotel environment.Have you noticed the swimming fish on the glass roof?

30 August 2017

The two little ones began to play at the reception lobby after the long time journey while their mommies were busy checking in.
Finally we got into town at dusk.We were really exhausted and we need to find our hotel immediately.
As we approached the destination, the weather was getting amazing, we took a break at a small service area in the vicinity of Xichang before sunset.
After three hours' drive, we stopped for a while at the Liziping service area. Luckily, the weather seemed to be better.
It was drizzling outside when we set off from Chengdu as originally planned. Hope everything went smoothly.