China · 6 Days · 15 Moments · October 2017

Fly to Nanjing

18 October 2017

Time to back,bye Nanjing, l will miss you: )
The last destination is the Qinhuai River ancient street area in the vicinity. The river view,traditional architectures and local snacks impressed me a lot.

15 October 2017

Then I went to Confucius Temple hastily in the last afternoon before setting off for the airport. As you know,it's a memorial site to celebrate the great founder of Confucianism whose broad and profound philosophy deeply influenced generation after generation in China. There are many Confucius statues around China but I overheard by the tour guide that the statue here is the tallest one. Many parents brought their children here to pray for their academic future as Confucius is regarded as the educational originator and in charge of study in the divine world.
I went to Nanjing University by subway after lunch. It's one of the top ten universities in China,so the environment and cultural atmosphere here could be totally different from the outside commercial world, quiet and peaceful. Luckily I saw some graduate students and newlyweds were taking photos in front of the campus's iconic landmark building--Beidalou,which adds more fresh vitality in the historical surroundings

14 October 2017

Night tour in city downtown
Jiming Temple is near the Xuanwu Lake
The ancient wall of old Nanjing
Tour around Xuanwu Lake
The entrance of the Nanjing People's government office space looks very simple but decent.

13 October 2017

The first sight of Nanjing.
It's really freaking far from the airport to downtown. I spent nearly two hours to arrive my hotel in Gulou district downtown area.
Finally arrived at the Nanjing airport and I will head to downtown by metro. Here is the metro route map but unfortunately it has no English version.
Now boarding,ready to fly.
This is my first time to Nanjing for the business trip.I get to the Chengdu airport 1hour early before the flight's departure time in case of running in haste to check in through the airport.
After the security check I can see a boutique themed on panda which represents the local image of Chengdu city. It looks so cozy and cute and there are a lot of items in it, if you have the opportunity to walk past here, you must try to step in and look around to explore,maybe there will be something you would like to treasure.