China · 8 Days · 28 Moments · September 2017

Road trip to the northwest of China

8 October 2017

Day8: We spent the last night at Songpan and today we are on the way back to Chengdu,but right now we have to stop and wait maybe there is a traffic accident ahead, we don't know when can we get to Chengdu,there is no alternative way to get out of the mountain area.The only one thing is just to wait until the traffic got recovered.

7 October 2017

Day7: We visited this place by a chance after a casual chat with the boss of the hotel where we stayed last night. It is really worth traveling here.

6 October 2017

The dark heavy rain cloud cluster covered us as we departed to our next stop. You can obviously see the pouring storm from my rearview mirror.
Soaked in this beautiful scenery.
Get off the car and embrace the Mother Nature.
Devout disciples along the way.
Love such breathtaking view!
Day6: We visit the Labrang Monastery this morning,it is one of the six largest Tibetan Monasteries in China.

5 October 2017

Views on the way
Day5: Back time. We will go to Labrang Monastery today, it is 650kms away from Shapotou.

4 October 2017

We spent a whole afternoon and waited until the sunset in the scenic spot to enjoy the best desert has to offer. By the way, today is the Chinese traditional festival Mid-autumn Day,we had a special experience to appreciate the moon in desert.
Day4: On the way to Shapotou,a desert scenic spot.

3 October 2017

Taste the local beer, have you noticed the slogan on it :)
This is our new hotel tonight, is it romantic?
Pull over to snap the sunflower on the way back
Camel riding
The environment here is really fantastic,with unique traditional northwest atmosphere of China.
He is quite fond of this cannon
All kinds of local snacks arrested our steps and it is really amazing to enjoy so many tasty foods all at the same time.
Day3: ZhenbeiBao studio City located at the northwest of Yinchuan city. Many famous Chinese movies were filmed there. When we arrived in the morning,I was absolutely astonished by such scene before me,but that is the reality during the National Day in China. Crowded tourists pushed me forwards and I can't even avoid the swarms of people all over the park to take a good pics of the historic fortress.

2 October 2017

The first stop in Yinchuan is right here--The Park of Customs and Culture in the Homeland of Chinese Hui People.The glorious Islamic architecture impressed me a lot.
Day2: We stayed in Dingxi last night, after grabbing some breakfast at a local street food vendor near the hotel,as originally planned,we are going to a scenic spot called Shapotou where travelers can enjoy the desert view and have sorts of activities related with sand. But when we drove pass Lanzhou it began to rain and we made a provisional decision to change the itinerary route,we will head to Yinchuan instead for the next two days and then come back again when the weather is getting better to play in the desert that will be more glamorous under the glorious sunshine.

1 October 2017

Followed the slow moving traffic for a long time, We can gradually appreciate the plateau scenery on the way.
Still on the road,but no moving.😫 I should know this is the common scene during national day. The whole expressway has been turned into a long parking area.
Get stuck in a traffic jam as predicted.
Time to go!
Day1:We are going to set off at 3 am as previous plan in order to avoid the morning rush hours. It is 1:30 in the morning right now but I can't fall asleep,hoping the time past quickly.