Indonesia · 12 Days · 11 Moments · December 2017

Sylvie's and Sabine’s trip to Indonesia

6 January 2018

amazing smoothie bowl!

2 January 2018

cards in Tejakula💗

31 December 2017

day at the pool🧡

29 December 2017

beautiful rain storm in Ubud❤️
Rainy days in Ubud! It’s like the east coast where it’ll go from sunny and clear to stormy and rainy in 10 minutes.

27 December 2017

Exploring Kuta beach etc.
Beautiful moment at hotel indigo💓
More of Hotel Indigo, it was so beautiful!

26 December 2017

Our first hotel- Hotel Indigo. It’s 6 months old and definitely the winner so far for looks!
Arriving in Denpasar
Taipei airport, first place in Asia we have been. We had access to a special lounge because of a credit card we use and it was so relaxing after the terrible seats on the plane!