Europe · 72 Days · 16 Moments · March 2018

Sylvia's extraordinary adventure

13 May 2018

My last day in Germany This was an emotional day. I was sad to leave my home for ten weeks but I was excited to see my cats. And my family :) We left for the airport in the morning and met up with everyone inside. It was sad having to say goodbye to Clary, Anna-Lena, Andreas and Kerstin, but I knew that they would only be a message away. After security, we waited for a little bit and then we were boarding. It was happening so fast! Long story short, I didn’t sleep. I read, talked and watched a movie. All of a sudden, the plane was in Vancouver. After having to say goodbye to all the lower mainlanders, the rest of us headed to our connecting flights. We had Timmie’s for the first time and we were able to order it without the fear of messing up. All of a sudden, we were boarding. I sat with Kora. It was weird because we knew that it was over once our feet hit the ground. Once they did, we were greeted with smiling family members. Now, my SEAIG has ended but there will be more :)

12 May 2018

Last few weeks in Germany I KNOW I am so late to post this but after posting about this summer’s vacation, I realized I needed to finish Sylvia’s extraordinary adventure in Germany. Here, are some photos from the last few weeks in Germany. A polaroid of the amazing Canadians I met, the sunset I got to see with my really good friend Claire, the church right above my school with the stunning windows, a random building I walked by, a picture of Jupiter when I went stargazing with my friend, the plant market, another church, the last Friday with the Canadians and Germans and lastly, spaghetti ice cream from N’Eis. stay tuned for my last day! (which is coming two months late) s

1 May 2018

Day two in Berlin: Today involved a lot of walking and shopping. We went to this massive book store, which had a huge CD collection (i was in heaven). I bought four CDs I had been looking for for awhile. I also saw Man Machine Poem there which warmed my heart (even though it was in the wrong section). We had lunch and then went to check out Checkpoint Charlie. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go in the museum. I had seen the Checkpoint part when I was 9 but didn’t have as big as an appreciation for it as I do now. Anyways, we went to the history museum after. The museum closed at six so I never got the chance to look through WWII and the post war part😩 After, we did a little more shopping and then went back to the hotel. Attached are some pictures of my Uncle who lives in Berlin WHO WAS IN CHINA when I was there😭 stay tuned for more! s

29 April 2018

Berlin Day one: It was hard going to Berlin without my family and not seeing Uncle Sam. It was my third time in this cool city but my first without my family. Anyways, we started our time in the city by going to the Brandenburger Tor. Then, we went to the Ampelmann shop nearby. After, we took a one hour boat tour. It was cool seeing the city from a different perspective. We went to the Canadian Embassy but it was Sunday so it was closed. However, it was cool seeing the Canadian flag flying in the wind, but my heart broke a little when the flags were flying at half mast. We walked down the street to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Words cannot describe the feelings I had walking down the paths. After, we went to the museum that is below the memorial. Words cannot describe how I felt during and after walking thought the museum. We then went back to the hotel, had dinner at a cool Mexican place (which was really good) and went to bed. stay tuned for day two! s

22 April 2018

On Saturday the 21, we drove to Wiesbaden to go to the Kletterwald Neroberg Ropes Course. I liked being a monkey! 🐒🐒 Some parts were a little challenging, but it was fun doing them and taking on the challenge. At the very end, we did the zip lining part. It was cool and fun to be going super fast in the trees, but it wasn’t as challenging. (I liked the challenge hehe) Anyways, after we had a small picnic and headed back to Ginsheim where I continued to read my book :) The next day was a pretty lazy day. I went to Dasha’s dog class, which was pretty fun. Later, I went on a boat ride with Andreas. I got to drive the boat! (I could only go 12km/h but it was fun!) We went all the way down to Wiesbaden and back, along the Rhine. It was really nice. After, we headed home and I continued reading my book, and finished it :p stay tuned for more! s

8 April 2018

ooff I’ve been too lazy to write about my day in the beautiful city of Heidelberg! Oops:) The day before we had to go back to school, we went to Heidelberg. This is a stunning city with a castle on a hill that has been: struck by lightning blown up a few times and has caught fire a few times. The caste is mostly ruins but it is still stunning and offers wonderful views of the old part of the city. I also made a new bff at the castle. The random cat was so cute and has helped me not miss Calvin and Hobbes so much. Two hours later, I said goodbye to my bff and the castle and we walked around the city a bit. Nothing was open because it was a Sunday but there were so many people! We did a lot of walking and had burgers, fries and ice cream, something I can never say no too. (My face really really hates me right now, just saying) Later, Clary and I headed back to Ginsheim with Anna-Lena and Michael, in the hot hot weather and enjoyed the last moments of spring break. stay tuned! s

7 April 2018

Today was a day filled with emotion. The Humboldt Broncos tragedy was on my mind all day, and something I will be thinking about for the next few days. (Brown Bear and Finkie have been there for hugs) But, the fact that I was going flying was also on my mind and made the broken heart, a little better. Flying was really really cool. The view was absolutely stunning and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. As in, I got a little red today. I loved seeing the jet streams in the sky. There were so many, it looked like art. After, we all went out for dinner and then headed back home. Before flying, we went to the market, decorated the window at the pharmacy and read in the sun. It was an absolutely stunning day and I cannot wait for summer! stay tuned for more! s

2 April 2018

Trip back to Germany from Ghent: We left Ghent early in the morning. It was drizzly outside and the streets were very quiet. It was Easter Sunday. Driving back from Germany, we drove through the Netherlands and stopped in Maastricht. Clary and I climbed up the very sketchy stairs of the bell tower and had amazing views of the city. We did some shopping throughout the city and headed back to Germany. Unlike Germany and Belgium, The Netherlands opens all its stores on Easter Sunday. It’s crazy to think that I was in three different countries in one day! stay tuned for more! s

1 April 2018

My only day in Bruges: did you know that Canada liberated Bruges in 1944? I found that out yesterday AND that there is a bridge in Bruges in memory of the Canadian soldiers who liberated the city. Of course, I had to go see it. Anyways, we started Bruges by going to the town hall, which was stunning. Then, we had lunch at this restaurant that really reminded me of Alberta. I also had the best onion rings ever there. Then, Clary and I did a boat tour which was a great way to see the city. We checked out the bridge, which was super cool. After, we left and went to the North Sea where I really really really wanted to jump into the waves. I really wanted to. We drove back to Ghent and had a very relaxed evening. s

31 March 2018

Ghent day two: Again, we did lots of walking. Clary and I went up the bell tower- a place with stunning views and A LOT of stairs that are low key terrifying (just saying) But, the stairs were totally worth the view. Then, we had waffles! Mine was delicious until it uhh fell on the ground:( it was great while it lasted. Then, Clary and I went to the castle, which was really cool. We walked through the torture area which was very interesting. There were many unique views of the city from the castle. Then, we walked around some more and headed back to the apartment. Later that night, we walked around the city with all the lights on. It was very pretty! stay tuned for Bruges! s

30 March 2018

Ghent day one: Ahhh Ghent, a city that I love more than Amsterdam. Yes, I just said that. Ghent is not that far away from Ginsheim - it’s about a four hour drive. I slept for a large portion of the ride but I did enjoy the parts where my eyes were open. Anyways, Ghent is stunning. The old architecture and the tall church towers are all so stunning. Words can’t describe the beauty and my love for this city. We walked around quite a lot and looked around in some shops. We had lunch at this really cute restaurant, Le Pain Quotidien. One thing I love about this city is that there is water everywhere, something that reminds me of Amsterdam but in a way, home. I also like that it isn’t filled with tourists which is kind of hypocritical (is that even the right word?) of me because, well, I am a tourist. Anyways, I love this city and I might move here (sorry mom and dad) Stay tuned for more! s

27 March 2018

Last day in Amsterdam: I was sad that this was my last day in this beautiful city. We packed our bags and then went for breakfast. After, we walked and walked to the I AMsterdam sign. There were soooooo many people. After, we walked 300ish metres to the Vincent Van Gogh museum. We were all really excited to see his masterpieces. Van Gogh’s art is stunning. Words cannot describe the emotion one can go through while walking through that museum. His work is beautiful but you are reminded of the everyday struggles he faced. My favourite art was the Head of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette and Irises (if you know me well, this one is pretty self-explanatory). The most tragic/emotional one was Tree Roots because it isn’t finished. It is believed that it was sitting on his easel when he shot himself. After, we went and had lunch. We had Poffertjes, which were AMAZING (and really filling) After, we headed to the train station and came back to Germany. stay tuned for Belgium! s

26 March 2018

Day 2 in Amsterdam: Well, Monday was interesting. Long story short, I was less than a foot away from ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN twice. Also, I was sleeping in less than a 50m radius from 5 Seconds of Summer. Like they were literally across the alley from me. Don’t mind me as I fangirl forever :) We did A LOT of walking and A LOT of picture taking, which was awesome because Amsterdam is a very photogenic city. We also did some (lots of) shopping. Did you know that there is a Hudson’s Bay in Amsterdam? Well, there is and I had to go in. IT WAS HUGE. As in, there were 4 separate buildings. I bought one of those iconic I AMsterdam hoodies, because I love Amsterdam. Seriously, I will be back one day. We ended up going back to the hotel super early and had a super chill evening, which was really nice because my shoulders and legs were dead (and everybody else’s too) stay tuned because my last day is super cool ;) s

25 March 2018

Day 1 in Amsterdam: Amsterdam: the city of crooked houses, bikes parked everywhere and coffee shops that actually aren’t coffee shops. There is no word that that can describe this city. On our first day, we did a canal tour which was super cool. The best way to tour the city is to do a canal tour for sure. You see so many things in an hour. After, we walked around a bit and went to some tourist shops. We had lunner at a really cool restaurant and then we walked around a little more. We then headed back to the hotel and relaxed. The hotel was super cool. Each room was themed differently and we had the Office. I realized in the hotel that one would never want to be drunk and walk up or down stairs in Amsterdam. It’s sketchy doing them sober and I don’t even want to think what it would be like if one were drunk. s
Sooo I have finally arrived in Amsterdam! Except, it was an adventure to get here. When we were in Frankfurt, we couldn’t board the train because the police were searching for something in our cabin. Don’t worry, it wasn’t me. They actually kicked everyone off the train. After 30ish minutes, we finally started to move. We went through Köln (where 5SOS played last night😩) and Düsseldorf. Then, we entered the Netherlands. Then, we stopped and went back to Germany because of technical issues. We had to take a bus to Arnhem and then take the train to Amsterdam. It was a long adventure... I haven’t done any sight seeing yet so stay tuned! s ps- that’s the central train station!

3 March 2018

And we’re live! Wow Germany is beautiful. I also can’t believe it’s almost been three weeks since I’ve arrived *gasp* This has also been the longest time I’ve been separated from my cats. Just kidding I’ve been separated from them for longer (Europe 2010 and 2012) Anyways, Germany is amazing. School is super cool, Frankfurt is a pretty city and Mainz is rad. Yes, I just said rad. But seriously. Mainz is really cool. So far, I’ve done a *few* touristy things in Mainz and have spent in a day in Frankfurt (where I got some really cool kicks) School is so cool. The first week was really really confusing but I have now (okay almost) figured out where everything is. That’s an accomplishment because there are like 100 classrooms in 9 different buildings. But, the school and school yard are stunning and it’s nice getting to go outside after every class. Spring break has just started so stay tuned for sylvia’s extraordinary adventure in Amsterdam! s