Asia, North America · 18 Days · 15 Moments · April 2017

East Coast of USA

16 May 2017

Final City before the 17 hours flight homeeeee

15 May 2017

Touching down into SFO..
They serve some awesome steak and fatties bacon ever! 1 month reservation is required for dinner though.

14 May 2017

Simply hilarious... ain't think such musical can eventually make its way to Singapore. So is a must watch for me!

12 May 2017

6 May 2017

Rain rain go away... up and about the monumental sites in Washington
Courtyard by Marriott. Good deals for being Marriott members

5 May 2017

Arrived in Pittsbursg. The only consistent good review was the overlooking view at Mt Washington. It was good!
Took a wrong exit although the countryside drive was an absolute saving grace.
Braving through some gusty strong wind and rain for this.

4 May 2017

Detour to the Goodyear Headquarters! Awesome to know colleagues who brought me for a mini office tour!

3 May 2017

The first sunny day since arrival in Chicago. The building architectures are a myriad of the good colonial days and swanky moderns. View from my hotel room

2 May 2017

Dinner @ Girl & The Goat Mostly hits here.. well recommended!

29 April 2017

Start of trip.. Flying into Narita and onwards to Chicago!!