United States of America · 6 Days · 64 Moments · April 2017

Our adventure at Navarre Beach, FL

4 May 2017

3 May 2017

Connor and wade boggie boarding
Wade and bryson
Too cool dudes!!
Let's dig!!

2 May 2017

Day of fun☺
Ghost crab hunting gang!
The hunting crab crew!
Snow Cone effects!!!
Enjoying the morning at the Donut Hole!

1 May 2017

Yeah for Jeff! It's a keeper! 4 pound speckled trout
Ryan Jeff and Mandi fishing at our bay...taken from our balcony....you can't get it much better than this!!
No filters or edits on this pic....taken right off our balcony!!
Evan has a new body 😁
What have Wade and Evan done to Connor?!
Jeff and Ryan have it figured out!!
Can Jacob save the tower?!
Kore, Cheyenne, Evan, Connor, and Gage checking out the surf!
Poor wade.. injuries on vacation.. not cool, but football bandages are😁🏈
Connor and Jeff enjoying some time at the beach! Check out those waves!!
Father / Son talk time!

30 April 2017

Yum yum! Connor and Wade enjoying some ice cream!
A little horsing around never hurt anybody... some crazies just doing their thing🙃
I believe Ryan is definitely relaxed!
Aawww...don't they look sweet!
Reviewing pictures taken by "Uncle Ryan"
Natalie rowing her boat!!!
These kids are having a ball!!
Kore and Cheyenne fishing...mentored by Doug...good luck 😂
Vicky and Wade looking for crabs
Natalie relaxing on the balcony
Check out those Traxxas doughnuts by Evan!!
Wade swimming like a champ☺
Gage and Evan

29 April 2017

And this is groceries for 2 days??? Sylvia has her jalapeno cheetos....that's what's important!!!! Zoom in and check out the photo bomb 😂😂😂😂
Doug seems pretty serious himself😂
Hungry Howies....this is serious business with Nancy😒
Don't they look so sweet?!
We have explorers along!! What have we found???
Natalie, Kore, Vicky, and Cheyenne can't wait!!!
WELCOME my friends😁
Natalie is moving in!
WELCOME TO FLORIDA!!!! Are we almost there??
After a few bathroom stops, Connor tells Natalie she can't drink anything, not even her saliva 😬
Mandi sends this photo out after Sylvia claims punch buggy? Is she insinuating something with this pic?? Perhaps that Jeff might need that same say denture service we spotted? But Sylvia says she can use punch buggy for a valid excuse 🤣🤣🤣 watch out for Jeff's head hanging out the window!!!
These 2 will be a pair this trip...i .can tell already!!
We will have lots of moments to talk about with this crew!
We started off our trip with breakfast at Cracker Barrel! Glad to say we are still married....notice I didn't say happily married 😁! Ryan has prayed and blessed everything so I am sure we will survive!