India · 5 Days · 37 Moments · April 2018

Syed's adventure in Bangalore, Karnataka, ...

13 April 2018

Reached home
Sunrise at Airport
My flight
My flight
Flight reached terminal
Touched ground
Early morning breakfast. Sambar rice and pomegranate juice
Just before sunrise with moon in background
Taking off
Moving to runway
Boarded flight. Seat 12F
On the way to flight
Done with security check and waiting in lobby
Got boarding pass.
At Airport
Reached Airport
About to reach Bangalore airport

8 April 2018

Reached friends home
Started for home
Bangalore airport
Touched the ground
Landing now
About to land at Bangalore
Taking off now
Good bye Hyderbad
Another flight landing before we take off
Starting departure.
Flight ready for departure
Boarding now