United States of America · 11 Days · 39 Moments · March 2017

SXSW in Texas!

16 March 2017

Viva Taco Land!
River Walk in San Antonio. Simply amazing. Pictures can't even convey how beautiful and special it was. I have to go back!
Visited the Alamo. And yes, I did win the Battle of the Alamo #PokemonGo #toosoon
Went back to South Congress to check out some more shops and found a cool art market and some very interesting antiques...

15 March 2017

Explored downtown Austin with Randy. Found a cool knick-knack shop, the best toy store I've ever seen, and made our way to Jack-In-The-Box for late night dinner.
Sunset on Ann W. Richards Congress Ave bridge. In the summer, millions of bats that have migrated from Mexico swarm the bridge at dusk to feed.
A poet with a typewriter who will make a poem for you about any topic for any price. #loveit
Send a flash drive to North Korea!

14 March 2017

When in Austin...
Gordough's Public House. EVERYTHING (including salads) is infused with donuts. Beyond amazing. Like... so delicious. Such a fun day exploring!
NASA at the trade show. Randy met the person behind social media of Juno. We got to feel what it's like to be in a space suit at zero gravity. It was so hard to grasp anything. Astronauts exert a lot of energy in space and often would rip they fingernails off unknowingly. 😬😥

13 March 2017

Seeing movies at The Alamo Theatre! Got to see 'The Muppet Guys' and hear from Frank Oz himself! (Along with other muppeteers) Liz met Fozzy Bear and got to hug her childhood hero!
Making my way downtown, walking fast, and I'm food truck bound... Rainey Street
Aaaaaand Gareth Edwards. #inspiring #StarWars #RogueOne #funny #SXSW

12 March 2017

As if Bill Nye wasn't enough, we made our way to the Paramount Theatre to watch a special screening of James Franco's 'The Disaster Artist' about the making of the film 'The Room.' In attendance: James Franco, Seth Rogan, Dave Franco, Tommy Wiseau himself, and his BFF Greg Sesteri. One of the coolest filmic experiences I've ever had. #supermeta Side note: he directed in character! Lmao
Watched a documentary about Bill Nye, with Bill Nye, all of us viewing it for the first time. (Official premiere) SO COOL! Bill Freaking Nye! #SXSW
Crepe date with my lady Liz!
Went to a session with Bob Odenkirk... surprise moderated by Fred Armisen! Too good

11 March 2017

Google + Code 2040 party. Awesome live band and great Whiskey Gingers! Plus a dog in a bag named Scrapper!

10 March 2017

Opening night film party! So much Will Smith... ? Buuut... they played Danza Kuduro, so all was well in the world 😁
Historic Paramount Theatre
@midnight with Chris Hardwick at the Austin City Limits theatre with special guest Tom Lennon! So much fun!
Jake Tapper and Van Jones. #powerful "Now for the long ride home..."
"If all we're responsible for is a mote of dust in a sunbeam, I think we fucking got this." -Cory Richards
Met the CEO of Niantic! He gave a great talk about technology and urban revitalization. Using Pokémon Go to reclaim public spaces!

9 March 2017

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen for dinner. A-MAZING. I had a Sake-White Russian... you heard that right. Mmmmmm. Great food, great atmosphere, wonderful staff, the best company.
SoCo!! (South Congress) Such a great part of town!
Torchy's. Is. Amazing. That is all.

8 March 2017

Happy International Women's Day! #Represent

7 March 2017

Took the train to the East side of the city and checked out some cool eateries. I want the tree bar in GR...
Soooo- SXSW has clearly learned from previous festivals... they Saran Wrap everything because people hang posters and stickers and it makes for easy cleanup. Looks hilarious though!

6 March 2017

Pretty city.
Gus's... did one of the hermanos open this in his memory? GREAT food. Cool environment. Delicious pie.
Historic Sixth Street! Really cool shops, restaurants with outdoor patios, and food trucks.
Made it to Austin!
In Chicago, you can buy Obama water for $4.00...
Airport shenanigans... here we go!