Europe · 5 Days · 13 Moments · June 2018

Switzerland & France

26 June 2018

25 June 2018

We are in a small French town - Annecy.

24 June 2018

23 June 2018

22 June 2018

Today we were in the Palace of Nations, which is the home of the United Nations Office in Europe! Alvin was amused by the broken Chair in front of the palace and was even shocked when hearing that the was constructed by 5.5 tons of wood and 12 metres high. Entering the UN was quite trivial, needing to check the passports (luckily were with us) and requested to closely follow the group ... Nevertherless, we've experienced sitting in the meeting hall as an ambassdor of Sweden or China ... and Alvin also mailed the postcards to hos best friend Hector, Grandma, and home from the United Nation ... Haha.
We are now in Lausanne, and more photos and words will be added late
First day in Geneva. Alvin liked very much the big outdoor flower clock (L'horloge fleurie) in the park at the side lake Lemon. It was also very fun playing piano in front of the iconic fountain (Jet d'Eau, 140 m high). We walked also through the Île Rousseau Park with a statue of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and old town and visited St. Pierre Cathedral with very beatiful color ceiling and windows in Maccabees Chapel. So, we took a lot of nice photos
We will have a trip in Switzerland and France around Alpes for 5 days. Alvin was so excited, and got up at 4 am, in order to catch an early morning flight leaving at 6:05 am. He was then so hungry and ate his breakfast at Schiphol Airport in Amstedam, while waiting for the connection flight to Geneva.