Switzerland · 3 Days · 4 Moments · July 2018


22 July 2018

Last day in Mürren!!! Sorry not very many pics, we didn’t do much today. Got up and had breakfast. One thing I can tell you, I can’t wait for American breakfast when I get back. After that Megan and I went and hung out with Brynn and Sarah!!! We mad guacamole and played cards!! We then went and walked around again and played chess. Megan and I lost, I was really confused the whole time so that prob didn’t help. And then Sarah spontaneously decided to go paragliding omg. So we all hiked up to the side of this mountain and watched her go off. Sooo cool. Wish I’d done it. I had a video but it won’t let me load it :( After that we went back and chilled until dinner. Dinner was good!!! Tried some new stuff and surprisingly liked most of it. Early morning tmrw... have to leave around 7am. Woo hoo. Can’t wait for Iceland tho, pics will be coming :)

21 July 2018

First day in Mürren!!!! I LOVE IT HERE. I thought I wasn’t gonna like it since it’s such a small town but it’s so cute. We got here around 3ish after taking a cable car up. Don’t panic everybody, I did much better and didn’t freak out going up. I just didn’t look out the windows haha. After getting here, we almost instantly went out to explore. It was raining but oh well. We went to all about 3 shops in the town. Which all carried the same thing, mountain/hiking gear lol. We also went into the only grocery store and got snacks!!! PSA: a huge water bottle is less than $1 up here, where has this been the whole trip?!?!?! We then walked back to the hotel which wasn’t far obviously and waited until dinner. Dinner was amazingggg. 4-course meal might I add. So. Good. The dessert was alright but everything else was great. The views here are beyond beautiful!!! Not much to do up here but I’m excited for some relaxing time!! Cya till tmrw :)
Early morning in Lucerne!!! Got here late last night and it was pouring so we just went to sleep. Had breakfast around 8:30, not very good. We then went out and walked around. Cool to see all the morning markets open selling food. Walked on the bridge. Such a beautiful site!!! Got a sandwich to fill me up at a shop and it was nasty. Not much luck with food here haha. But then we found another breakfast place and it was so goooood!!! Leaving now for Murren!!! Here we come 40° weather, can’t wait!! Will update later :)

20 July 2018

Such a long day today. Had an early morning getting on a private bus to take us to the Neuschwanstein Castle!!! This is what Walt Disney based the Cinderella castle off of. 400 steps in this castle, not a fan but the rooms were amazing to see. This king had a very good taste in interior. We then got back on the bus and made a pit stop in Lichtenstein to eat dinner. It was pouring while we were there so we didn’t do much, just eat. I had American food ahhhh!! A burger and fries. Very good I might add but the water price wAS RIDICULOUS. This is another thing that Europe does differently. They charge a ton of money for one small glass of water. My friends and I share one bottle of water for $6.90. Let. Me. Know. Why. It’s. So. Expensive. AND all bathrooms over here charge a fee!!!! Clearly Europeans pee once a day and are dehydrated. After dinner, we drove to Lucerne where we are staying for the night. Before heading to Murren tmrw!!! Colder weather here we comeee