Asia · 147 Days · 32 Moments · July 2016

Swarnima's voyage in South Korea

19 December 2016

Moneyed Madame counting change post ticket purchase at Vasco station. Riding the train till Madgaon. Haven't travelled this cheap even local in bangalore.
Reached Goa sleepy but excited after spending a night baking half a dozen cupcakes. Riding a bus taking in all the scents and noises of the city

28 July 2016

Waiting for Ms. Zang. Ready to take on a day full of fun! 😄😄
I don't always eat unhealthy when I wake up but these 5 days I've promised myself to not let go of any chance to try cute Korean snacks!! Note to self: sticks filled with matcha cream not as delicious as sticks coated with it. 😝
Waking up to a rising Korean sun!
You know you're old when you wake up at 5:30 and can't get back to sleeping again.

27 July 2016

Hanging out with Jocelyn means the tastiest food ever! Always!!
At Jocelyn's home! The prettiest little flat with the cutest couple!!
Korean tv and ramyun! #stuffofdreams
Shopping at 4 am for ramyun maekgeolli seaweed wafers and masha coveted stick!! Yaay!!
Food shopping at 7/11 which is mostly open 24/7
I'm put up at a lovely little Korean hotel with its beautiful quirks and beauty!
We've reached daejeon finally! 😄😄 its 1 at night can't wait to meet my bed! 😜

26 July 2016

Dak gomtang and red beet dongchimchi at Incheon International Airport with bestie and her husband. Korean foodgasm!!
Finally!! Incheon here I am!!
Nearing Incheon and I see this phenomenon in the sky! I have no idea what this marvellous piece of sky/light wonder is but what the camera didn't pick was that the ground was flat and at the entire of the halo there seemed to be a massive structure whose reflections were doing this! Otherworldly!! I wonder what it is though #alienspaceships ?? 😝😝
Finally Lunch! I'm so famished!! Pasta and watching big fat Greek wedding 2! #homesick #familysick #lovesick I know they aren't the most ideal movie but love both the first and the second ones!
Bbye Hong Kong! Hope to make acquaintance again! ☺️
South China Sea bounds the runway of Hong Kong airport! #exhilaratingviews
Settled for the last leg of today's flight.
Trying to put the waiting hours to good use…
Lofty mountains and loftier buildings frame my view at boarding gate 43 ☺️
Tastes disgustingly like real tomatoes…😝😝 healthier choices I suppose…
Chilling at the HK airport… not really, mostly waiting for my gate announcement and then off to doze some more at my boarding gate 😄😄
I see seas of blue, grey trawlers too I see bridges being built from me to you And I think to myself… what a wonderful world 😄😄
Which tiny curve of coast on the globe this is I wonder…🤔
A cramped but restful doze in 2 seat and waking up to breakfast (eggs, sausages do coffee) with modern family and friends.
Dozing off to audio files it is then… #unflatteringselfie
Hmm. Movies or Korean audio tapes or sleep… what is it going to be!
Yaay! Seat next to me is empty! Double comfort! Here we go! 😁😁
Travelling to Hong Kong on my way to my bestie's wedding and my Korean sojourn. Excited but also exhausted and trying to suppress my travel anxiety.
Some more gift shopping at duty free. It's such a dilemma where all the perfect gifts are stacked together but the so are the prices.