North America, Europe · 11 Days · 45 Moments · July 2017

Iceland adventure

18 July 2017

Saying goodbye to Iceland on a rainy afternoon in Reykjavik, before our flight. Thank you Iceland, for being so good to us.

17 July 2017

Putting silica mud masks on.
Blue lagoon Iceland, silica and algae water. This water should be good to your skin. It was a warm 38c, and had a water bar, and people walking around, giving free mud masks.
Amazing underwater world between the two plates.
Snorkeling between two tectonic plates, where the pacific and eurasian plates separated, and water snuck between them.
Alex is preparing to snorkel in the silfra waters of Thingvallir national park.

16 July 2017

Geysir and Stokkur - geysers, only one of them is active, shooting 100c water up to 40 meters in the air! There is a huge amount of pressure, under this land, creating hot thermal baths. The first time we saw the geyser erupt it took me by surprise. So many people stand there, waiting for this weird miracle to happen. All the other geysers in the world, were called after the Icelandic Geysir.
Horse petting on the road to Geysir.
Thingvellir national park, stood between the meeting point of 2 tectonic plates - the north American and the Eurasian. They move 2 cm each year and create fissures and holes in the terrain.
Kirkjufell waterfall.
Moss covered grass and windy fjords.

15 July 2017

After a long 3:30 hour drive, we arrived to the most western point in Iceland, a place where magical puffins come to nest. We finally found them, after chasing them in Norway unsuccessfully. The puffins sit on the very edge of a cliff, in the western-est point in Iceland. They dig tunnels in the cliffs for their nests, and chill outside on the rocks. They are not afraid of people, and we could get very close. Since there is a risk of falling over the cliff when taking a picture, we were instructed by the signs to lie down to get a glimpse of these magnificent birds.
Dynjandi waterfall. You can really feel the forcefulness of the water pouring down. I was a bit lazy going to the top, and we had some drizzle but it was fun nonetheless!
Arctic fox research center. The arctic fox is the only native animal in Iceland.

14 July 2017

We arrived at our first village, isajfordur! Its lovely here! We ate our first ever whale steak! It was delicious! We then went to our hotel - Horn, and used the weird elevator without doors, it's a creepy experience indeed.
Seal watching was a success! We got very close to them, while playing a game with a sleepy seal, when he closed his eyes, we took a step closer, when he opened them, we froze on place.
Seals in west fjords! We were so close until they ran away!
On the way to west fjords, we stopped in a coffee place which was also a farm and fed baby sheep.

13 July 2017

Moo - the cows were fearful at first, but I approached with caution, and then I had a lot of cow friends... and a calf friend as well
Visiting Glambauer, an old Icelandic settlement, finding some horses and searching for seals and puffins in the north sea.
Road tripping, on our way to northern fjords. Saw a whale's tail in the distance!
Our first guest house, in Akureyri. Sunny out, and a great place for a small breakfast near a water stream.

12 July 2017

The drive from Myvatn baths: Myvatn lake, Goddafoss waterfall and Akureyri.
Godafoss - it gets its name from an old legend pre Christianity in Iceland, someone threw all the old gods down this waterfall
Myvatn hot natural geo thermal baths! You can even drink beer there and the water is warm and nice!
Hvrir- amazing place in the middle of nowhere that's just so different from the surroundings
Hvrir - pseudo craters that stink and blow gasses water and mud, at 100c degrees! a view from out of this world!
On our way to Detrifoss waterfall. The land was so weird and barren, it seemed like we were on Mars.

11 July 2017

A low key day, driving around and resting for a bit.

10 July 2017

This cabin is awesome, it has everything we need and a great view to the eastern fjords!
Iceberg lagoon Jokusalron is a mind blowing place
We arrived to the Glacier Lagoon, amazed by our surroundings, blown away by floating icebergs, melting away and merging with the sea. We took an amphibian boat ride and heard some facts about glaciers and even tasted a 1000 years old ice!
The water is 5-13c. Alex thought it would be funny to get in for a quick dip!

9 July 2017

On our way to the cabin in Efri Vik. Alex was not pleased with this cabin, it was expensive, remote like most of them, and very basic. I thought the horses were a nice addition!
Natural hot springs swimming pool between the mountains. We had a short hike to the pool, swimming in unknown water, it was a bit dirty, luckily we had our water shoes on.
Skogafoss waterfall
Seljalandsfoss waterfall. This is the only waterfall we were able to walk behind. It was great!
Black beach. The sand is so black its unreal. These unique formations of stones exist only in the south. They also have "sneaker waves", waves so sneaky that they can take a dummy tourist by surprise.
We went to a very high cliff, battling dirt roads, to see Puffins. But, this Puffin beach has no puffins!
We got to meet some Fluffy Icelandic horses in the morning drive. They are different than other breeds, more bulky and fluffy!
Dc 1973 plain wreck on the black beach. It was a really long walk to the plane. We were surrounded by black sand and rocks, with green mountains behind us.
Our first waterfalls.

8 July 2017

Our first lodge, basic but has a nice view to the river and to Hekla Volcano.
Our first stop is Kerid Crater. Nobody really knows how it was created, but the look of the crater is magical and reminds of science fiction books.
We are ready to start our journey to Iceland! Excited and ready for a sleepless night in the air!