Indonesia · 5 Days · 2 Moments · August 2016

Sven 's Reise nach Indonesia

16 August 2016

Jakarta Chat up a group of girls at the airport trying to see if we can share a cab. Tell them the name of my hostel and suddenly one of them hugs me like I'm the last human being on earth. Turns out she's staying there as well. Perfect! In the taxi, singing along to Maroon 5 as our driver Andi is a great fan :D The Hostel is pretty cool with rooftop terrace and bar. I feel born anew as I step out of the shower and after a cold Bintang I crash in my dorm bed.

12 August 2016

Up in the Air 20:34, FRA airport, Air China flight to the first stop: Beijing. I spend the time reading, watching that new Key & Peele movie (which is pretty crappy tbh) and checking out Chinese tv programs, pretending to perfectly understand kantonese. After a while I notice this dude walking round after round trough the plane with his headphones on. I finish the movie and he's still touring the plane! As we approach Beijing I can spot the Great Wall from above. Impressive! One really cool thing they have at Chinese airports are the free water dispensers (cold/hot). I'm chilling in the waiting area and land an epic 10m bin ball shot but it seems as I'm the only one cheering. Next stop: Xianmen. At some point the sinks in the toilets start getting clogged. The personnel advises to use the lavaratory only in "case of urgency". For the final