Australia and Oceania, Asia · 8 Days · 6 Moments · October 2017

Suzanne and Angie - Cambodia and Thailand 201

27 October 2017

Street 8, now called Pub Street used to consist of one or two bars, the Red Piano being the most famous. On my first visit it was a classy colonial area with beautiful colonial buildings, wing backed cane chairs and floating fans cooling weary travellers from Angkor. Now Pub Street is so named because of the numerous and varied restaurants and pubs that line Street 8.
Around Siem Reap When I first came to Siem Reap almost 14 years ago it was a small quiet down with no ATMs. The narrow dirt roads were populated by the occasional Tuk Tuk, bicycles and old classic cars. Now it reminds me of Bangkok circa 1990 - diesel Tuk Tuks everywhere swarming like bees around the honeypot of tourists, delivery vans, building construction, expensive 4WDs and scooters carrying families from one point to another. The dust, did I mention dust, all of which is exacerbated by the heat and humidity. Here you feel alive - there is no option but to go with the flow.

23 October 2017

The stone carving skill of the ancient Khmer was basically inherited from the Indian civilization, however, it was later evolved into its own unique Khmer style. These Khmer sculptures are carved from stone with great craftsmanship. Although each sculpture bears the common characteristics of the supernatural being it represents as described in the epics or myths, its details reveal the personal imagination of its sculptor. The Apsara are the female devatas (angels), and each Apsara has been skilfully carved with her own unique posture, personal decorations and ornaments.
The Banyon The Bayon was built nearly 100 years after Angkor Wat. The basic structure and earliest part of the temple are not known. The Bayon is best known for its large number of serene faces sculpted on the towers. There are close to 200 faces, the largest are 2.5 metres high . Most of the towers contain four faces. Initially the faces were believed to represent Brahma, the Hindu God of creation depicted with four heads. When it was later established that the Bayon was not a Hindu temple but a Buddhist one. I've visited this site three times now and it's beauty never ceases to amaze me. Did I mention how hot it was...

21 October 2017

20 October 2017

Out beautiful hotel - The Moon Residence and Spa - gorgeous boutique hotel only five minutes from town.