Nepal · 17 Days · 34 Moments · August 2017

Suzanne's tour through Nepal

19 August 2017

Taking advantage of our last moments in Nepal. Went to a yoga class and visited the "garden of dream". Our host helped us pack our bags and gave us silk scarves to bring us luck. We highly recommend the Nima and Neema treks. Off to the airport. Will explore Doha during our 12 hour layover 🌎

18 August 2017

Another long bus ride to Kathmandu. As we prepare for our trip home. My heart was filled with mixed emotions; looking forward to seeing my family and friends, pleased with the great times with Catherine and grateful for the people who opened their hearts and homes to us. I admire their resilience to the many disastrous events they must face daily...without hesitation or complaints. We will miss them dearly and hope to see them again.

17 August 2017

We did it!!! Paragliding in Nepal πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅ Checkβœ… Not too bad for a 49 year old lady who is afraid of heights 😊

16 August 2017

Had a great afternoon visiting, boating and enjoying the great view. Went to a restaurant called the Crazy Gecko 🦎 Cocktails were 2for1!!! View and food were as spectacular as the company.
We reached our hotel with beautiful views of the lake and a few more luxuries such as a proper shower, toilet paper and comfortable beds...things we had not seen often so far on this trip. We appreciate them even more now.
There were at least 100 butterflies on these flowers. It was magical.
Last trekking day: As we headed back down to Pokhara, we saw the damage caused by recent landslides. Our guide reassured us that we would have not taken this route if it had been raining but I still found myself walking much faster than usual.😬

15 August 2017

Spoke to Bruno and my mom today. Another great day in Nepal. πŸ™
There was a yearly parade happening in the village...not sure what they are celebrating but kept banging on drums for several hours before sacrificing the chicken.
Finished the trek early and found a room in a great hotel. We are the only guests! Had time to wash clothes and do some visiting.
Saw a tea plantation and then the drying process.
More trekking in the morning. Humid but no rain. Had to watch out for leaches who enjoyed climbing on my poles.
After days of clouds and rain, battling leaches, sleeping in humid beds, escaping bats when you go to pee in the night and not being able to call or text home, we woke this morning to see heaven!

14 August 2017

On the third day of the trek we reached 3200 meters but unfortunately there were too many clouds and we did not see the Annapurna range. We will have to come back😜 We are glad to warm up at the guest house and lucky to have room...there are 22 people from Barcelona who booked the place. Two more days of trekking to get down to Pokhara. I am very grateful to live this experience... and that my body is holding up!

12 August 2017

At this point the mules smelled better than me!
Starting a 5 day trek to Poonhill. Have a great guide named Su. He calls me mum(Suzanne is a mans name here) We had a nice clear day. Everything was perfect!

11 August 2017

Day 4: Bus trip to Pokhara. We were told it takes 6 to 9 hours depending on road conditions. I figured out why! It's a bus and truck parade. The roads are not quite wide enough for 2 way traffic. We have to take turns or end up off the cliff. All was normal for the Nepali people. They are so calm and seem happy. They brush their teeth, wash clothes and take showers at the water source in front of temporary housing with sheets of aluminum as roofs. They wear flip flops in dirt and mud even to do construction work. The women are so beautifully dressed in colourful saris and the kids in clean clothes or uniforms for school (six days a week). They just do everything with such ZEN.

10 August 2017

Shopping in Thamel where you walk in the very narrow streets. Stay alert because there is more than shopping going on!!! Our host took us to a private rooftop club for a four course dinner and Nepali traditional dancing. What a great way to end this leg of our trip!
Taxi to Swayambhunat ( aka the monkey temple). It's nice but there are many homeless people in sad states with kids, peddlers and other strange things...and more monkeys that at the zoo. The Buddha statues were also very beautiful and had great views of the mountains now that the rain has stopped.
Day 3: visiting day. We took a local bus to Bucktapur where you pay when you get off. The assistant jumps on and off to help lift your bags, baskets, propane tanks etc on the roof. I think you can even bring chickens. The old city is beautiful despite the extensive damage to temples etc from 2015. We had a great lunch on a rooftop as we watched the action. Do you see the goat on the temple? We hope someone will feed him.

9 August 2017

Day 2: Happy monsoon day! Trekking from Chisapani to Nagarkot took 9 hours with a short stop for lunch. Lots of rain, mud and fun as we faced these extreme conditions. The skies cleared up in the afternoon to reveal the beautiful mountainsides of Nepal. It's people greet us with a smile and a "Namaste ". Will sleep well again tonight.

8 August 2017

Day 1 trekking Rained at lunchtime but stopped as we headed to the summit in the afternoon. Met some nice people from Italy. Relaxing now after a great day. Will sleep at a lodge where there has been damage from the earthquake of 2015. Tomorrow will be another day of trekking.
Day 1 trekking: Morning The most wonderful girls followed us on the first part. Practicing their English and teaching us Nepali. We miss them already. Beautiful scenery, hot weather and very peaceful. Heading to Duerali who's 2400 ft in altitude.

7 August 2017

Our guide is absolutely wonderful. We visited the largest stupa in the world. Eyes are closing. Goodnight
Very glad to reach Nepal!! Our bags were returned on later flights.
Making the best of our trip to Delhi. Spent most of our time looking for the luggage. Leaving for Kathmandu with the clothes on our backs but grateful my sister is continuing the search. Will be uphill from here. Namaste πŸ™

6 August 2017

Made it to New Delhi almost 10 hours late. Bags are lost so have to add a few more hours in the airport. Told to go the hotel and wait. The car ride to the hotel felt like an Indiana Jones movie but we were glad to see a bed to rest. Will say a prayer to get our bags.

4 August 2017

Change in flights. We're going to Casablanca then Doha and Delhi. Bagage Will be there before us😊
Time for our first flight to Toronto but delays due to weather. Then will be Amsterdam and NewDelhi. Will arrive tomorrow midnight.... or laterπŸ€”
Now it's real!!!!

2 August 2017

Three dodo's left before we leave. Bag is ready! Me? Not yet!!!!