Netherlands · 9 Days · 12 Moments · October 2017

Susie's journi to Netherlands

28 October 2017

This is a photo of the sweetest childhood friends. Trude is in the middle, at almost 95; Alfreda is on the right, a very spry and fashionable 92; and Hilda on the left is the youngster at 90. They are all in amazing shape and it was wonderful to observe a friendship between women that has lasted well more than 85 years.

27 October 2017

Today Suzanne and I spent the day in old Ulm. The Ulm Munster has the tallest spire in Germany. Albert Einstein was born here. Both the Danube and the Blau rivers flow through the city. Fun day exploring and shopping. A little rain early but for the most part a beautiful day.

26 October 2017

Spent Thursday taking Suzanne’s mother out to the cemetery where her mother and father are buried. Beautiful place. Then we hopped the streetcar into Ulm and ran a few errands.

25 October 2017

The drive down to Ulm.
A few pics of our view and room in Krefeld.

22 October 2017

Today is Suzanne’s Birthday but poor girl is miserable with a cold. We head off to our concert which starts at 11:00. Beautiful concert hall and relatively full. Fabulous pianist who recently won the Franz Liszt piano competition. Amazing. Followed up with Schumann’s Derde symfonie in Es, op. 97. Beautiful. Very animated conductor. Then an early lunch before hopping the tram back to the apartment. I ordered mint tea which arrived more like a bowl of weed. Suz needs to rest and maybe have a nap. Dinner tonight for her birthday at a little French place just up the street. Finally feeling like we know our way about town just in time to head out tomorrow. Amsterdam is beautiful and I would definitely come back again.

21 October 2017

Great bus tour today into the countryside. Learned lots about windmills, Dutch cheese, stroopwaffles ((yum), a lovely boat ride to Marken and still ahead a wooden shoe factory. Wonderful blue skies most of the day.

20 October 2017

Amsterdam Day 2- We got an early start today as we had tickets for the Anne Frank House at 9:30. Very interesting, though always somewhat sad when remembering the atrocities brought on by Hitler. After our tour we figured out the tram system, bought our one day pass and off we went. First stop the flea market. Not too great. On the tram again. We had hoped to get off and see The Dutch Resistance Museum. But we missed our stop so rode to the end of the line. Eventually we reversed our course and found it. Had a lovely lunch. Tried croquettes! Tasty! Rained lightly in the morning, but crazy hard in the mid afternoon. Hoped on the tram again to try to stay dry. Wind was flipping our umbrellas inside out. A few good laughs as we headed home - a little soggy for sure.

19 October 2017

Well, day one under our belts. Our apartments is tiny, for sure, but in a good location to get around. We slept pretty well, and rather late (for me anyway). Didn’t hit the street until close to 11! We had a nice brunch at the Pancake Amsterdam, and enjoyed an apple and cheese pancake (crepe like) that was about a 14-16 inch circle. Quite tasty. Then we headed into the center of the city. Found the flower market (mostly bulbs), then down a nice pedestrian shopping area to Dam Square. Here is the royal palace and the New Church, which is not eleven close to new. It’s 600 years old but 100 years newer than the old church. Went into the Royal Palace which was lovely. Then walked back toward The Jordan area to the apartment. Picked up a bottle of wine for our happy hour, starting soon. The city is quite busy. Lots of people walking or biking or on scooters. And NO, we aren’t going to rent a bike. We value our life too much for that. Great weather but rain to start soon.