Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 22 Days · 57 Moments · June 2014

Susie's 'god I'm 50 already' journey

14 July 2014

Very tired & weary travellers just in cab & driving home from airport after 7 hour delay in China - kids apparently not going to school tomorrow as they missed today at home!
Hmmmm.....still waiting to change planes & we're thinking that Air Frances initial offer to stay in Paris an extra night (their expense) & they wld fly Mike direct to LA & the kids & I home via Singapore tomorrow WAS A BLOODY GOOD OFFER
After 4 hours sitting in the plane & at the gate, not even taxiing - we're now changing planes ..... There r some not so happy travelers - but still all smiles from the Sumners even though Mike will miss his LA connection from Sydney

13 July 2014

We're seriously thinking we're at the end of the earth ...... Guangzhou Airport has NO wifi, showers, charging points for phone/laptop/iPads, shopping or massages so Shelbs & Cadel standing on the travelator as according to them time goes quickly when standing still
5 hour lay over in China & spent $65 aud for 2 fruit salads (they come with mayonnaise), 2 fresh juices, 1 ice coffee, 1 club sandwich & 1 beef noodle soup ..... Very tasty but thought we had left European prices behind
A steamy exit from our Air France flight in Guangzhou - it's the summer we missed in Europe

12 July 2014

Meet Lisa....,, & Jake is waiting for his Mocha Frappacino - having a hoot of a time using aliases at Starbucks
Just found my new wallpaper
On our way to Montmarte
Breakfast spot for 'petit dejeuner complete' being coffee (yum) croissant (yummiest) fresh orange juice (yummy) & omelette for €13
Quote of the day, as we're sitting in the sun & breakfasting on a Parisian street corner : Susie.... "I wouldn't mind living here for 12 months, what do you think kids?" Cadel....."no way, I don't want to die from 2nd hand lung cancer!"..... Obviously not enjoying the European smoking scene

11 July 2014

Waiting for our Skip the Line Eiffel Tower Tour #easypassparis

7 July 2014

Listening to KISSfm in the car everyday - Mike & I r luvin it as the're playing all the fab songs from the late 80's early 90's
Some balconies in San Sebastián
Wet yesterday so did the Guggenheim in Bilbao & yoko Ono exhibition - kids got into the interactive dooña performance & Cadel was just hilarious, pity we weren't allowed to take photos

6 July 2014

A typical morning WIFI'n

5 July 2014

Cycle is the way to go in San Sebastián - Pasai Donibane for lunch & then by boat to Pasaia enroute home
Lots of little festivals everywhere in Spain
So good that we're back here again tonight
A day spent exploring the surf spots in Irun, Hondaribbia, St jean de luz & Biarritz

4 July 2014

Just in time for the Germany -v- france kickoff
Chasing the sun & crossed into France for a bit of sight seeing & chocolate shopping ..... Think we tasted more than we bought
The breakfast cake is too good to refuse - even Mike is joining in this morning

3 July 2014

A morning out in San Sebastián .... Shopping, Sightseeing, eating & never too old for a fun park
It's dessert in a glass - Champagne with mango sorbet & it is so yummy that I'm fighting the kids off
Europe's biggest Zara store & Mike is definitely looking panicked
I think I've gone to girl heaven in San Sebastián .... Eating cake for breakfast.... & the coffee gets an 11/10

2 July 2014

Roadside dining is not too shabby in Spain
The barcelonians take organic & natural to a whole new level .... Australia needs to adopt a few of these ideas
You can do a whole lot of shopping in 45 minutes .... Barcelona has the bestest shopping ever
What fun we had with the Finlays in Barcelona - kids loved the bars more than the adults as the MOCKTAILS were to die for

29 June 2014

Now that was a long hot walk - Praino to Positano on the Path of the Gods .... A much needed lunch at La Tagliata in Nocelle before descending 2000 steps into Positano & paying €60 euro for a cab ride home

28 June 2014

A sneaky little Campari & soda whilst waiting for the Chile -v- Brazil game to finish
Off to Positano for lunch .... Kids at hotel & happy to swim & eat at the 5 star restaurant "we'll just charge it to the room mum"!
A little cloudy this morning so it's online time before we hire SUP's & paddle around the castle & into the caves on the water

27 June 2014

Which is best?
Our new favourite .... Right on the water just below our hotel

26 June 2014

Ok I'm done; with just one mouthful of the cuttlefish & potato it's a 5/10
Now this ones a winner - fried mixed seafood from the local fisherman .... OmG it's a 9/10
Ok .... 1 pro secco & soda + red wine later & we're on the beach with dish 2 - cuttlefish & pasta .... 7/10
Ok, we 're going for broke (already) with the cuttlefish pasta
1st course of our 6 restaurant roving gastronomic festival .... 8 / 10 score
On tour with my own private makeup artist ..... View not too shabby from our balcony
Woke up to this

25 June 2014

A very slow trip - just getting close to Positano & winding along the coast at 9:30pm doing a massive 37kmh .... Didn't help that we sat motionless for 60 minutes after a multicar crash at 150kmh (we watched a whole episode of Grand Designs on the iPad while sitting on the auto road)
Only 1.5 hours to go & we've come to a standstill - lucky the car comes with a mobile wifi that connects up to 8 devices which means Cadel is doing his assignment research on the laptop & watching YouTube shelbs is watching a video on her iphone I've got the iPad with maps & my iphone for a bit of FB

24 June 2014

Laying in bed & will be drifting off to the dulcet sounds of an Italian piano accordion player on the streets below
Nothing wrong with happy hour - got my matching Swarovski look alike for only €3.99 which is about $6 Ozzie
Shelby & I have been glamorized!
Quote of the day: Mike asked "what was your favorite part of the Vatican Tour?" Cadel responds "getting out of there!"
Dressed & ready for the tour of the Vatican - no knees, no shoulders to be exposed

23 June 2014

Boys watching the soccer & girls having drinks & pizza outside
A girl deserves a cold caffeine break after walking up a sweat browsing the Via di Cola Rienzo shops
A little bit squeezy
A well deserved lunch after 3 hours cycling Rome ..... Watermelon frappe is the drink of choice & it tastes just like the watermelon dad used to grow
A rooftop terrace right near the Spanish steps - but mind your head. "This apartment makes me feel tall" was Shelby's classic comment if the day