North America · 12 Days · 18 Moments · May 2017

Susie & Tom's journi to Alaska

28 May 2017

Still in Denali this morning and took a great natural history tour. Saw caribou, moose, snowshoe hare and - wait for it - a wolf! Amazing. Tom will post more soon.

27 May 2017

Left the ship early this morning and took a nine hour train ride from Whittier to Anchorage and on into Denali. Saw bears, noise, swans and Golden Eagles all from our train. Tomorrow we take a 5 hour tour of the Park. Beautiful country. Then we head to Fairbanks. The fun continues.

26 May 2017

Glacier Bay and College Fiord provided some spectacular scenes. Morning was cold and overcast which made for great light for photos. Then the sun came out to reveal an amazing evening.

25 May 2017

Last pix on the ship, then train to Denali, and natural history bus & trail tour, seeing wildlife and ranger cabin. Note the nails sticking out from the cabin window - bear deterrent!

24 May 2017

Ellie and I did The Chef's Table onboard ship in Wednesday. Amazing food and amazing fun.
Walking in Skagway; then from the ship to mushing camp where we get our summer dog sled training ride + our dog fix + some outstanding views!

23 May 2017

Getting suited up for, and then experiencing, rafting down Mendenhall River, below Mendenhall Glacier, with our rafting guide, Carmen, from Fallon, NV.
Susie's blue martini at the ship's cocktail mixing demonstration, then in Juneau and at the Red Dog Saloon, and of course a bald eagle on our way back to the ship to get ready for our rafting excursion!
Fab day. Saw several bald eagles, rafted the Mendenhall Glacier and made some great memories

22 May 2017

In Ketchikan, we rainwalked, took the red tram for coffee, bought shirts and shipped some salmon and reindeer salami! Four ships docked at the same time!

20 May 2017

Ready to be picked up to go to the ship, then exploring with Jim & Ellie, then at dinner and finally on deck!
Ready to board, then exploring, the Star Princess. Then dinner at Crown Grille, and a walk on the promenade deck.
Last morning in Vancouver. Walked down to Starbucks for breakfast and just enjoyed our great friends for a few hours. This is a photo of the corner where our little condo is - Nelson and Burrard. Our window is up there on the 14th floor. Great location downtown. We board our ship in a few hours. Excited.

19 May 2017

More of our day on Granville Island...
Enjoying our day in Vancouver. Had a great brunch at the Twisted Fork then walked to Granville Island and poked around for a couple of hours. Got our 10,000 steps in by 2:30! Relaxing this afternoon back at our little condo.

18 May 2017

Just into AirBNB on Nelson St in Vancouver!
On WestJet 1697 from LAX to Vancouver. Mt Hood? Or Shasta?

17 May 2017

Leaving Home - trying to get out before the snow!