Australia · 2 Days · 21 Moments · November 2017

A weekend in Kiama 24-26/11/17

26 November 2017

Morning Coffee at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens. Cheeky pigeons and crows eating crumbs and condiments off the tables 😍. Home by 1pm.
The diminutive Jamberoo Markets. Had to go back to BnB to return the key that Mike stole.

25 November 2017

We stroll through Hindmarsh Park looking at the mosaic tiles and arrive at a swimming pool which upon testing was remarkably warm. Nice twilight views.
Dinner at Nirand Thai. It had a balcony with a glimpse of water. We liked this wine but the food, tables and chairs were suboptimal. The spring rolls and the ladyboy were passable but the Pad Thai, the manager and the dead wallaby on the counter were a big fail. The sorbet in the Park was outstanding 😃.
Wine in nice places.
A lovely walk around the waterfront. Getting warm. Mike found an immature pine cone which had to be featured in a photo 🙄.
Kiama Markets and a Combi expo. How excitement! A gift of a pendant perfume colour changing thingy for Xmas 🎄.
A drive to Jamberoo and an iced coffee. A cute little village. We had been to Barren Grounds nature reserve where the birdwatcher had spotted a bristle bird 😱.
Some pictures of the accommodation. A lovely spot in the rolling green hills behind Kiama. Tony and Marian have a definite style, very antique India/Africa perhaps. Maybe I’m too antisocial for a true BnB experience. A word of warning from Tony. Nigerians drunk your beer and break your bbq knobs.
Continental Breakfast anyone? Why yes! Don’t mind if I do, especially since it’s included! Tiny is our very attentive host with knee replacements that he likes to talk about.
A morning walk along the ridge and we see these adorables 🧡🐮 Plus a gorgeous Goggy dog who was so friendly till we got the camera out. So no photo.

24 November 2017

Our dinner. Yumpy.
A BBQ pre dinner drink of the gifted Croser. Delightful thank you Mr. Care!
Here is a joyous shopper with a tree.
The windy country lanes, the dry stone walls, the cows and the views make me happy 😊.
Saddleback Mountain views. And Muzza’s angle.
Our B & B is cute. It’s in someone’s house but we have our own room with a teddy bear, a tv and an en suite. Muz trips up the steps and sends the Croser flying. Lucky for Box! M fixes bleeding toedy with tape etc and we settle down to drink spiced ginger beer on expansive verandah.
A very quick stroll through the nik nak shops as M has found a bike he wants me to look at. Pretty Bike. Teal & Turquoise. Kiama is busy and hot on this Friday. No parking available 😳.
Forest Eats Vegan Cafe courtesy of Happy Cow App. Bit hippie, bit Indian, bit sweetly spicy. Tofu Scramble.
Finally we arrive and Dad feels a bit better
Coffee Face. It’s all taking too long 🤪.