United States of America · 70 Days · 40 Moments · December 2015

Susan's trip to United States of America

5 March 2016

Went to Pensacola today for lunch with friends. On th way home we visited Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island.

3 March 2016

Another great state park Tollyera.

1 March 2016

John Lennon's sister at the PCB library! Enlightening conversation about their childhood.

22 February 2016

Lazy day, laundry, lunch at Jin Jin, and a long walk in the woods.

20 February 2016

Little Chameion shedding his skin.

19 February 2016

Black drum fish. I'm told they are delicious. This man was headed for his grill with this one.
This sunset looks like an explosion!

16 February 2016

Thomas's Donuts on the front Beach Road- to die for!!

11 February 2016

Bog day at Rocky Bayou State Park.

6 February 2016

At Camp Helen State Park. A whole lot of history and a very special "dune" lake. We enjoyed a historical your and a long walk today.
Even the sunrise is beautiful.

5 February 2016

Surf fishing on Sunnyside Beach.
What is this growing on the trees in the pine forest?
At the Captain's Table in old St Stephen, Cajun shrimp and cheesy grits, and she crab soup!! Yum Yum!!
On the campus of F S U looking at the bridge.
Spent the afternoon searching the history of Panama City. Ed found a book with pictures of PCB from when he visited here as a young GI.

2 February 2016

Poor Grady.
A very scary night and day. Grady fell very ill and we couldn't get a vet until this morning. He is better now but still on medication. We are all exhausted.

30 January 2016

Starting with a visit from our resident stray cat it's been a busy day. Off to see preparation for the Mardi Gras parade, then to the big Farmer's Market, lunch at Muy Wayno's , the best Tex Mex, and then for a long walk in the swamps. Finished the day doing the laundry and cleaning house.

29 January 2016

A day for animals. First the zoo, then the dog park. Grady and his friends great the Great Dane

28 January 2016

Cool, rainy, and quiet today so I'm going to start knitting this.

26 January 2016

Grady and his Daddy resting after a busy day.
The Panama City Beach police are showing off their beautiful canine police officers. They are commanded in a foreign language so they will not obey English. These dogs cost between ten and fifteen thousand dollars!!
The ladies at the Panama Beach City knitting club are showing off their ideas. This is an apron made of a thrift shop man's shirt.

24 January 2016

Walking on Laguna Beach at sunset. It is like heaven. The only other people are the surf fisherman.

23 January 2016

Yesterday was wild! Reports of tornado, wind, rain and all. 37 degrees.
Today is cool and just right for walking!

21 January 2016

We are finally here in our sweet little abode. Our door was open, the lights were on, and the keys were in the table. Our landlords are just too good to us!!
I think I have eaten every kind of fish at Cracker Barrel! This "haddock"looks suspiciously like the catfish I ate yesterday.
Met a nice lady at breakfast. She is a Columbian who emigrated to Canada to teach. We had a nice hour of conversation. She does not believe that Trump will ever succeed. Hope she is right.
We stayed in Charlotte last night. A nice Southern city. Long day of driving, snow storm and all. We left for Columbus Georgia early to avoid Jonas. Easy going so far.

20 January 2016

We haven't seen snow since Massachusetts and look at this mess. We are in North Carolina!
Here in the Shenandoah Valley. Won't be doing the Skyline Drive today. Too cloudy.
On the road again heading for Charlotte N C. Cloudy and dull today Virginia, one of my favorite states.

19 January 2016

Well, we got up early and drove and and and drove. Now we are in Harrisburg PA. Grady had just about had it!
Leaving Portland...right into that storm.

18 January 2016

Stopped in Gorham to see the college girls, Abigail and Mercedes.
Grady stopped to say goodbye to his Nephew Max.
Car fixed. Delay over heading to Portland.

26 December 2015

Okay when do we leave?