United Kingdom · 5 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

Susan's tour through United Kingdom

18 September 2017

Lyn much the same. Keith, Jill and rose came today too. Jean and I went to meet phil afterwards and had a curry. He's as difficult to understand as lyn! Went back to jeans and we put one coat of white paint on her william Morris chair. I think it's going to look really nice.
Book to tickets for follies at harbour lights on 16th November. On my way up to Lyns. Went to gnss meeting this morning and met Debbie. Such a nice woman. Glad I went. Check e mail from her about putting all your formation on some cloud or other .

17 September 2017

Cleared dining room for bass coming on Tuesday to fit carpet. Can't wait. Gardened and did housework and Julie arrived at 5.30 and helped me make the paella ( which phil had requested). Quite nice. Don't think I'll do it again. It was lovely having Julie here.

16 September 2017

A brief note for Friday. Bought a new top for jill and Lawrence's do then went to Alison's for bridge with Joan and Christine. Really nice afternoon. On Saturday morning went to fairweathers at beaulieu to buy plants for Laurence and jills present . Potted them up and then did a bit of gardening. Coloured my hair and went to blaireaus for their golden wedding party. Really really good. Great band , great music. They are incredibly generous. The food was delicious about 90 people there g

14 September 2017

Forgot to write diary for Thursday. Just briefly, went to see lyn with joy. She seemed quite contented and at peace. A really nice visit. Good job I was meeting joy at Stratford because she texted me to see where I was and I was on the train for bollericay!
Just read about new southern Indian curry house in Southampton. Kohinoor of Kerala. 2, the broadway.
Ok, start of new diary. 14.9.17