Australia · 4 Days · 24 Moments · September 2017

Susan & Isobel go to the Snow

14 September 2017

Home and safe. A good adventure was had and a warm welcome from Brown who went Lustig and Niggy who screamed around the garden for 25 mins.
Note for future trips. Don't be on the M7 around 4..15. Mega traffico jam 😖.
Historical Goulburn for a lunch stop. Cafe Roses. Vegan options they said. Salad Wrap take the cheese off 😳. Anyhow we had it and a small chips. Urine style chips detected by both. Had to take action by doing a 'Dakota'.
Cooma stop. We left Smiggy at 9.00 and a gentle snow was falling. So pretty. Stopped at Jindy for the usual then Cooma Ho to rawsome something. There were mega loonies on the road and sago snow. Wineries & Mucrobreweries. Hot chocolate with nasty soy 😳.
Dakota's banana porridge.
Awaken feeling better than expected after the pain of XC and being far more amused than we should be by Dakota behind the lounge. It has snowed well overnight and a fluffy white top up is visible through our window. Not looking forward to packing the car and getting out of here though.

13 September 2017

Whilst sitting on the lounge by the fire relaxing after a yummy veggie pie and chips cooked by Carolling, we suddenly get the urge to look behind the lounge and what do we see? Dakota. With Oliana in hand. Diablo - tequila, wild brumby time, gingerbeard and lime juice.
Waaaaald Brumby time, it's wild brumby time
The creek outside Perisher Centre. As I watched a large piece of snow/ice broke away and floated downstream. Beautiful.
So we set out on Nordic Trail White. 2.5km Circuit.
Cross. Country. Skiing. Well. We started very well with young curly Rob. We learnt the moves quickly and Rib was quick to praise our adeptness. We liked it. Then Muzza fell into deep snow. Then again. And again. By the time Rob had unleashed us onto a track Muz had gone down for 7, Iz a more respectable 5. It's a beautiful activity in a spectacularly pretty setting. I could learn to love it, if I could do it. Iz was quick to improve and got a lot of pleasure from her gliding and swooshing. We will try again next time for sure.

12 September 2017

Another spectacular sunset and another delicious dinner. Hasselback beetroot and parsnip salad followed by a veggie stack with pesto and fruit salad with mango gelato. Forced to play in pool comp. 😳 Sadness.
There is no one here!
Nothing spoils a quiet view like an excursion of little shits 😖
An early start with some nice warm up runs at the Smiggins Poma. Beautiful crisp and bright with plenty of snow. Then we seen it. Big and dark and coming up over the hill. The morning went downhill along with the skis 🎿. The rain was cold and the wind was strong, practically blowing us along the trails. We head for Perisher as Blue Cow not open on a mission to get to Mid Station for a hot choccy. Quad chair wasn't open was it 😳. Down to Pretty Valley for the chairlift ride to hell. We decide to go home and dry off. Bus leaves without us. Bastard. At the Lodge go to make a bevvy and someone has used nearly all our Soy Milky! Unbelievable.
IT JUST STARTED SNOWING!!!❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
THe sun is coming up and the wind is howling. Does this bode well?

11 September 2017

Spectacular sunset and wine in nice places. Laksa, mushroom & beetroot risotto, fruit salad and ice cream 😊.
The Coachman. Our happy place looking good.
Skis and boots hired, cross country lesson booked, time for a refreshment at the Man from Snowy River. Muzza does ze wine acrobatics! Olé!
The long and winding very empty road to Smiggins 💜❄️
Miss Heidi's Teahouse. We have planned to go here for many years. Now we have.
Roadhaven. A stop for breaky in a place we've never been before. Very quiet - old people inside. A hashy, beans, tomato and fruit salad. Isobel has a segment of off orange which she secretes in a napkin. Tasted like mouldy old orange.
We set off nice and early at 6.03, the weather is clear and sunny with little wispy mists in the valleys. By 7.03 we have hit Peasant's Nest for a wee stop (yes a small stop 😊)