Germany · 1 Days · 4 Moments · November 2017


27 November 2017

MONDAY 27 NOVEMBER Dinner was lovely. Christmas had arrived. Christmas lights round the room, festive decorations splattered giving festive cheer & tables adorned with glitter & evergreen with festive napkins 🎄Looking outside there was snow falling & tumbling & being Jostled by the wind. What a winter scene. We are lucky to be far enough north to see the beauty of winter so early! Having enjoyed our dinner of steak & backed potato for David & Parmesan risotto for me with a couple of cosmopolitans 🍸Though an early night was in planing as David has to be up early again for tomorrow’s hatch. Good company, nice drink & rather good food & early night 😴 X x
MONDAY 27 NOVEMBER We had a wonderful meal when we arrived in Freiberg last night. We were recommended a lovely little Italian restaurant just around the corner from the hotel. Just what we needed. Hospitality & good food! 🍝 ⏰ David’s alarm went off at 5am. He was down to grab some breakfast just after 6am. Then off to work with breakfast in hand 🥐 I woke at 7am ish. Got dressed & went down to the restaurant for breakfast. Scrambled egg & salmon, the two things that were missing were David & champagne!! 🧐 I had to enjoy it for us both! Breakfast done & all wrapped up against the German weather (minus hat & gloves) I headed down the road into town. Gosh it was cold 🌬 I was so excited!! The Christmas market was in the throws of being built! A little window shopping then back to the hotel to wait for David. We sought some wine & nibbles & relaxed before dinner. Which was just what David needed. A face time from Jessica & Willow was fun, then down for dinner 🍴🍸 X x
SUNDAY 26 NOVEMBER All has been packed. The house is ready to lock up for our trip to Freiberg. Tickets & passports are stowed in the case & we are up at 7am to drive to Bordeaux to get our flight to Berlin 🛩 The car was all frosted up, lovely cold start to the day 🌬 That being said it was a good drive over to Bordeaux airport. We got the car parked up & headed over to the Billy holding pen. We were loaded on & took off about 20 minutes early. That was a great way to start the trip 🙂 The flight was 2hrs. David & I snoozed as much as we could. Once landed we were off with our cases & got straight through customs with out even our passports being checked! Having done this all before getting the car was also trouble free. Apart form our first option had to be swapped as the car was full of thinners fumes!! It was a shame as David did quite like the first car 🚙 David set up the sat nav & off we went. It was a 2 1/2hr drive. It got dark, then it snowed Wow ❄️🧣🧤 X x
OCTOBER 2017 An email came from Kai. There is to be another GP hatch in November. It is not 100% confirmed yet, but Kia has requested that David is in Germany for the hatch & oversees it! It is scheduled for the end of November. I am hoping with a bit of luck & Christmas magic we will be there when the Christmas market is on!! 🎄 There have been a few email between David & Kai. The trip has been given the ok from above & the dates of 27th & 28th November have been put in the diary. The next job is for David to sort our travel dates then book flights & hotel. Our last trip we managed to get 5 days in Freiberg, but this trip we will do 4 days. We fly from Bordeaux to Germany on Sunday 26th & fly back to Bordeaux on Wednesday 29th November. All is now booked flights, car & hotel. It also looks like we will manage to see the Christmas market as it opens on Tuesday 28th. I will get to see the market during the day. I hope David & I will be able to go together in the evening! 🦌🦌🦌 X x