North America, Australia and Oceania · 3 Days · 11 Moments · August 2017

Susan's journi to Australia

23 August 2017

Breakfast is something that, in my opinion, can make or break a hotel. I've been to a lot of hotels that have really boring breakfasts, but the ones that were amazing I remember by name and am more likely to return. This hotel had the best breakfast hands down. Fresh honey dripping from the comb. A chest full of pastries. Dim sum and spring rolls. I mean, my god. If I didn't have places to be I would sit there for hours and eat the day away.

22 August 2017

This hotel is by far one of the best I've ever stayed at! We were welcomed back with chilled champagne and chocolates. Sitting on our windowsill to look at the view while enjoying this snack was unbelievable and worth every penny! Definitely a highlight of the trip so far :)
While visiting the previous local pub, the bartender recommended that we give this brewery a shot since we love beer so much. The building is on the corner, small, and very personable...and the beer and food were to die for. We got a flight of beer that all had very unique flavors. I'm very tired so I don't remember the names, but I would recommend this place to anyone. We got tempura fish and chips with a wasabi Mayo for lunch. The fish was absolutely perfect. I only wish the mayo had more wasabi. After leaving this location we wandered down to a local wine and beer store. Beer is very expensive here. Most were $6 a can so we beer is worth that. We found two bottles of wine for $5/each. Matt found a local grocery store to wander around after this, but I didn't buy anything. I had only found butterscotch Snickers and plan to buy those at another place when buying more items.
After getting checked in we wandered down to a local bar to enjoy a beer. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the people watching very much. Matt was very into the car watching and I will admit that was also quite fun. Out of all the cars I saw today, the hatchback Corolla's were my favorite. There was an elderly man that came to our table when we were finishing up. He lives across the bridge and makes the trek to the pub everyday to have a beer and read a newspaper. He was very interested in our story and where we are from. Just an overall very nice man :) he also recommended we head to a local island to do some whale watching.
We finally got to to the hotel today and it the view took our breath away. The harbor bridge AND opera house in one shot, are you kidding me?
I managed to take a wrong turn and found this magnificent painting. This is actually split into two by a set of stairs. Serious talent and a pleasure to randomly find while exploring.
I think I just need to accept that I'm not a fan of contemporary art. This museum bored me half to death and took about five minutes to walk through. When we first walked in this painting was all up the stairs so I had a lot of hope...but no. Just no.
There is something magical about turning a corner and seeing the Opera House for the first time. Bucket list item: checked off
We made it!!! The longest being on an airplane ever, but we're here! I would say I got about 5 hours of sleep. There was a lot of going in and out, but not all of it was really "sleeping". The girl next to me on the plane was a junior in college studying engineering, but headed to a friends house that was living in Australia for a study abroad. She hadn't travelled internationally much, so we spent a lot of time going over pro-tips and stories. She was a very nice and helped pass the time. I watched "Hidden Figures" and "National Lampoons European Vacation" as I wanted movies I didn't really need to pay much attention I was a zombie.

20 August 2017

Our flight from Detroit had a slight boarding delay due to a passenger that felt it appropriate to yell at the Delta employees and accuse them of lord only knows (I couldn't hear the details). He ended up being escorted away once people started to look nervous. 🙄 The flight was super smooth and time quickly passed. I watched "Going in Style" and "Table 19". There were three dogs on our flight, two of which in row in front of us, and we didn't hear a peep from them the entire time. We made it to LAX and worked our way to the Delta Sky Lounge. Comfy seating, food, booze, and Game of Thrones. Seems like the perfect use of our 3 hour layover. If only they had some nap pods 😜
The trunk is packed! Headed to the airport! Australia and Fiji here we come!!