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Susan's adventure Ludlow

17 September 2017

The end. Thanks for following me. Sue
Mum had soup. It was Tomato, Roasted Garlic and Mixed Bean. The man at the next table (Trent with his 'Strictly Confidential- for your eyes only notes for a meeting at 2 pm) declared he couldn't have that as it was unnecessarily over complicated!
Lunch at the Food Centre. At last peas I could eat.
Can you see what I see?

16 September 2017

Guess what I've been doing for the last two weeks? Think I have made about 150 cards.
Lunch today but Mum has upset tummy so she had...... rice pudding!
What on earth is George doing. It truns out his 'Heath Robinson' contraption is for picking apples that are out of reach.
Nuthatch a welcome visitor.... not the jackdaw! On the first picture can you see the bird flying away?

15 September 2017

Autumn is on its way. Pictures from round the grounds here.
Lunch for me and second picture for Mum...... too tired after her day out

14 September 2017

No the Wool hasn't changed colour another one has been purchased. For anyone interested it weighs just over 17 ounces.
The sunny day had gone and no heavy rainstorms. Mum sat in car and I went to look in the house. Every year the stuff they sell gets worse and the prices rose. I didn't buy anything.
Lunch there was leek and potato soup. Not bad. I also had a scone.
Today we went to Burford House and Garden Centre. The second picture shows a Corkscrew Reed. If you see one on your travels please buy me one

11 September 2017

To The Squirrel for lunch. It had stopped raining for awhile so made a 'dash' for it. Not over impressed. The chicken was ok but the chips over cooked and the peas were mini cannonballs again.

10 September 2017

And pudding. Can't recommend thr Co op Swiss roll as it is sweet and not chocolatey at all. It was better with fresh nectarine and ice cream
Sunday Lunch

9 September 2017

Was pleased to get one of these at the Food Centre
Not sure I approve or Sharmi taking pictures of my back view.
So we bought cake from Food Centre.
We had some visitors on Saturday

8 September 2017

Found a cake for Margaret. No price on it though
Quick visit to Ludlow Food Centre to book a table for lunch tomorrow. They now only take bookings for large parties. In the shop some seasonal reduce and a board telling you about the origin of all reduce.

7 September 2017

In case you weren't sure how much Wool Mum bought.
My lunch. Mum would only have the Rice Pudding. Then I realised the trifle needed eating so decided to have that but one spoonful told me it had sherry in it. Mum had it for tea! I was back to the Creme for brûlée but wasn't sure if the glass dish would stand the heat of the grill so didn't brûlée it.
Mum wanted a skirt and some other bits so I went to town parked.right outside the Edinburgh Wool shop but it was near the shoe shop too so I went and bought some sandals the second picture may come as a shock to you.y

6 September 2017

Had another look in the book and think it may be the autumn stage of Lords and Ladies.
Local wildlife. Not exactly exotic but there you are we are still in England .
At home all day today. Lunch was the Tesco £10 meal deal. These expect each participant to eat equal amounts but not so in our case so I seemed to end up with lots of veg. I suppose it's good for me. The raspberries were delicious and were one of George's welcome gifts.

5 September 2017

Last visit of the day ....Tesco for food for the next few days. Yes it's a dark picture..... it was about to rain.
Mum then sat in the car whilst I went to my favourite shop. Not much on the 50p display stand though.
Then to her second favourite shop… where she bought a little bit of wool.
Visit to mums favourite shop. It is the old-fashioned shop that has been a drapers for 150 years next year and and for 100 of those has been owned by the same family. The inside has not changed very much in all that time only the clothes that are sold.
Mum's favourite shop had done out their window for the food festival competition.
Into Ludlow for lunch today. We went to Wildwood which is in the building that was DeGreys. We shared a pizza but there was no pineapple as they only do Italian style pizzas with no foreign foods on them. We then shared a wild wild Sundae but I decided I need lessons on how to eat a Sundae without getting it all down the side of the glass.

4 September 2017

Couldn't get signal to send a message of safe arrival so went a little walk. What is this. Thought it was called 'cuckoo ' something but can't find it in the nature book.
George's welcome gifts.
We arrived nothing left at the airport. No tent to pitch. A holiday that's more my style
Pudding was curtesy of M & S yellow stickers. Very dark, almost black 'chocolate cake' but no taste!
The peas were like mini cannonball!
Then lunch
Off to M@S for essential supplies for tea.
I once had to ring a neighbour from our B&B in Scotland because I couldn't remember locking the door! I locked it this time.
Left lots of food for the birds but it won't last long if jackdaw or magpie find it
Well the car is packed and although I don't think the boot is any bigger we seem to have more room than normal.....so what have we forgotten?

3 August 2017

Okay so I'm new to this and got in a real Mess with the first one so had to delete it. Can someone tell me how to delete photos you add by mistake?