North America · 4 Days · 27 Moments · October 2016

Susan's adventure in Canada

5 October 2016

A la Carte B&B owners, Daniel and Petra

4 October 2016

Back at A La Carte B&B with Monsieur Petit
Day 4- armed with metro card and maps, we embark on a whirlwind 1 day tour of Montreal- Jean Talon market, old Vieux, harbor, Notre Dame cathedral, Parc Mont Royal and Oratorio de St Joseph
Oratorio de St Joseph- highest point in Montreal
Views of Montreal from Parc Mont Royal terrace
Old Vieux and harbor in Montreal
How did I not take a Pic of the exterior of Notre Dame cathedral? Anyway the inside took my breath away- stunningly beautiful and modeled after the interior of St Chapelle in Paris. My favorite cathedral of the trip
Jean Talon market: produce that screams "buy me!"
Day 3- Montmorency Falls and St Anne de Beaupres cathedral. Drove to Montreal to A la Carte B&B

3 October 2016

St Anne de Beaupres cathedral- honors the grandmother of Jesus. How do the Catholics know so much about her---is she mentioned in the Bible? Anyway, it's beautiful
Montmorency Falls...pleased we knew to find on street parking and walk in
We found the Jeanne d'Arc statue where my dad took a pic of me and Carol
Goodbye B&B L'Augustine. It was nice meeting Caroline

2 October 2016

Quartier Petit Champlain
Bet when Louis Julliet was buried, never imagined the funicular next to his grave. He was a French Canadian explorer who discovered the northernmost end of the Mississippi river
Chateau Frontenac- most photographed hotel in the world
Having poutine at the Chic Shack watching hoards of cruise passengers descend on Old Town
More of Upper Old Town near Chateau Fontenac
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity modeled after St-Martins in the Fields in London. First Anglican Church in N America
Photo bombed by Aldo the donkey, resident of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Images of Upper Old town
At Hotel de Villes (City Hall Old Quebec)
Day 2 old town- hit sights in Old Town- Notre Dame Basilica, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Chateau Frontenac and Quartier Petit Champlain. Lunch at Chic Shack for burger and poutine and great food - duck confit and buffalo cheeks at Boulay restaurant.
Norte Dame Cathedral

1 October 2016

Day1: We flew into Manchester NH and drove 6 hours to Quebec City where we are staying at L'Augustine B&B. Walked around old town to Citadel and Plains of Abraham before having dinner at the Hobbit restaurant
Fontaine de Tourney in front of Parliament
Driving through the White Mountains