Netherlands · 62 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

My road to Zell am see 70.3 iron man.

7 July 2017

So, It's officially the 8th of July already and I'm lingering in bed after a pretty intense day yesterday. My body and, mostly my head were aching so much the past 2 days that I didn't do my training. Which means! Yep, catch up time.. I can still make all the trainings if I "just" do 2 sessions a day. Soo, after waking up ridiculously early I decided to walk to the pool, as my awesome Dutch roadbike got stolen the day before, and do a 2.3km swim sesh. As the pool was very quiet I had the lane to myself, yaayy! Altho every now and again this guy jumped in to do 1 lane of freestyle to overtake me and then disappear again.. men!!.. After my swim sesh it was breakfast and chill (with the cat) time. As I suck in taking photos of places I go to I thought I would show the world a typical Susie breakfast these days. And yep! I ate it all muhaha. After some more, much more food I got on the bike for a 1.5 hour speedy session in the sun which was lovely, but boy does my body feel beat up today.

3 July 2017

Its the 3rd of July, and I'm on my way home from work. It seems like a normal day but when I really give this day a well deserved thought it hits me. My road to 70.3 iron man started 6 months ago already, but for some reason it only feels like it really has today. It has taken me a very long time to be able to feel comfortable with the idea of doing this mahoosive task, but it seems I finally reached that point where the thought of the race actually gives me butterflies. Why today? I don't know, it's not been a particularly easy day. Saying goodbye to someone really special, experiencing horrible bodily cramps and realising that I've only made just a little progress in my road to being mindful isn't really motivating, but what the heck! I'm embracing the feeling! So it's time to start writing about it and create memories I will be able to read and reflect on when I'm old and wrinkly. There I go, 8 more weeks.. Enjoy reading! My first task? Food!! I'm Hangry :)

6 May 2017

'Sun's out guns out!' Today was a beautiful day for a 95 min run. Well 95 active minutes.. yep active minutes, not to forget those tiny minutes inbetween intervals that I always seem to forget, so it was really 103 min run. The preps started, food, food, water, coffee, fresh smoothie and more food. And then it hit me. 'Crap! I'm home alone, who will I trick into liking the idea that me being protected from the sun is the best thing ever?' It reminded me of my dads reaction when I asked him to put some suncream on my back last time, he felt so awkward touching his 30 year old daughter, he did his best tho after some moping but guess what!? After his little suncream efforts I did get burned anyway haha soo! T-shirt time it was for today. The run went well, Still slow as hell but maybe that's because I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy gels to munch on during. But I realised after the run it might be better. Now 75e lighter, with a stolen pick from my ex from the last run, it's chill time