Europe · 22 Days · 33 Moments · April 2017

Susanne's tour through France

21 May 2017

20 May 2017

19 May 2017

18 May 2017

Beautiful Durnstein.

17 May 2017

16 May 2017

Elegant Vienna and a classical concert at Liechtenstein Palace

15 May 2017

Sailing from Budapest to Vienna on the Danube River. Life is good💐

14 May 2017

Budapest by night. Beautiful.

13 May 2017

Shopping then dancing all in a few hours😂😂

12 May 2017

BLAYE - The Citadelle completed in 1650 and extended between 1685-1689 as a fort for protection during the French religious war. An amazing structure and now classified as a world UNESCO heritage site.

11 May 2017

On the road again. This time in the Margeaux region. Beautiful wineries, vineyards but no tastings.

9 May 2017

LOURDES: A very devout place to make a pilgrimage.

8 May 2017

St. Emi lion - very picturesque but busy, busy with a holiday today

7 May 2017

One of the few warm sunny days that we have had. So Bordeaux had the pleasure of our company.

6 May 2017

Oops. Did think we were in Morocco or North Africa at the market, but all adds to the atmosphere of beautiful Bordeaux.

5 May 2017

Our new abode for the next 9 days. A lovely apartment in the old town.

4 May 2017

NORMANDY - such a suicidal mission for the Americans and the British. A very emotional experience.
The American Cemetery at Normandy. Hundreds of grave sites, most known but some unknown. Very emotional experience with a wonderful guide - 4 of us with him all day.

3 May 2017

The Chapel of St. Chapelle - beautiful. Then onto Galerias Lafayette. Watches - $195,000.00. Bought 2😂

2 May 2017

The Pirates of the CARRIBEAN ship used in the film - ST. MALO
2/5 - such a long day but "absolutely fabulous ". A fairytale setting, climbing to the top (along with 1000s of others. What a cold, austere minestrone it would have been with the monks living all their lives in silence.

1 May 2017

Just amazing how this tower dominates the skyline of Paris. Today is a public holiday for Mayday so did the hop on hop off bus. I never get sick of seeing the sights and architecture. No wonder it is called the city of lights and love💙💡
Let the fun begin. Maybe 2am in the morning is not so funny but the anticipation of a wonderful trip over rides such a thought.. Our flight departed Melbourne on time at 5am with "smooth sailing" all the way. Arrived in Dubai on time at 2pm with an hour and a half stopover and onto Paris landing on time at 8pm. Our residence for the 5days, HOTEL BEAUCHAMPE is a small but great little place, a block back from the Champs Élysées and just down from the Arc de Triumphe . Down to the bar (of course) for a snack dinner and of course a bubbly🍾🥂to toast gay Paree. Then bed. Heavenly after 24 hours of travelling.😴😴

30 April 2017

Sunday 30/7. Mass at NOTRE DAME. Walked from our hotel to the Cathedral. So much to see along the way and of course we were late. Tight security also around ND. So much to see in Paris and so little time and this is our 5th visit. Onto ST. GERMAINES, the oldest church in Paris (7th century & twice destroyed).
30/7: two candles burning bright for Anna & Bailey. International Mass (all in French😏😏). Look alike George Pell celebrated the Mass😡😡).