Italy · 11 Days · 95 Moments · June 2015

Susanne's and Anthony's trip through Italy

24 June 2015

Love the Castel Saint Angelo 💕 and on to Piazza del Popolo which is having a huge free concert there starting Friday. I was asked by 2 camera guys to throw a kiss in Italian for the TV. Fun 👋🙋🏻 Dai un bacio 💋
Always happy to eat soooo a little lunch 🍝 to keep up our stamina since we are walking about 9-10 miles a day! 👣👣🚶🏻🇮🇹
Back in Trastevere n the daylight
Another beautiful church
More beautiful color
Breakfast and the beautiful market colors again

23 June 2015

We are walking way more than I thought we would
Went to Trastevere to have dinner and we were surprised at all the activity going on there, especially the younger crowd
I stayed here with my friend Stefanie back in the early 90's. Really brought back funny memories
Having a parking ticket argument
And of course lunch was incredible once again! Zucchini flower pasta and eggplant parmigiana
One of the many churches in Rome, Pigna
Going to the opera !!
Spanish Steps
On the way to the Spanish Steps got a snack and saw some interesting things, one is a blue Bently and well dressed men
went to Trevi Fountain but it is being restored so..😞 but they put a tiny one there!
Some cool structure
Inside the Pantheon
So cool ruins in the middle of the street in a busy city
What a great piazza! Campo di Fiore which means flowers. So much fresh fruit & vegetables every morning 7 days a week. Would be nice to have this at home

22 June 2015

Our first dinner in Rome and the night in the piazza
Here is our fabulous apartment, so sweet
On the way to Roma. Anthony drove in Rome, lost more hair! We drove in circles to find the car rental drop off which was like a puzzle to get to anyway!
Assisi from afar
What a beautiful city, Assisi, so old but so peaceful, loved it.
Stopped by Assisi , such a beautiful town
Antonella delivered us a great breakfast for our last morning in Passignano sul Trasimeno! She told us we must come back in November and stay as her guests free if charge

21 June 2015

After dinner walk along the lake had the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen!
Went to the island in the middle of the lake, Magione but forgot to bring my iPhone! It was very very old and only 35 people live there!
Made dinner again tonight and sat on the terrace and ate...
Can't get enough of the views here! Breathtaking ✨
Having breakfast this morning and had company, the salamander

20 June 2015

Make traditional cutlets with lemon
In Passignano sul Trasimino and our apartment is fabulous! The views from the bedroom and terrace are incredible! We decided to make dinner so we went shopping at the supermercato
Doing the really Italian thing making and eating our sandwiches out of the back of the car shelf
Incredibly beautiful town
A stop in Sienna
A view of Florence from above and a market where we bought mortadella, cheese, and two pieces of art

19 June 2015

Talk about walking miles!
The best gelato in Florence, Vivoli! Walked to the other side of town to find it for the riso ice cream and it was good!
So so much fun here! You eat what they give you! Incredible food and the funniest waiters
Quick bite to eat
Anthony in the Cathedral
Stayin' alive, stayin' alive, ah ah ah ah, stayin' alive
Uffici museum
So the cops chase the illegal street vendors all day and night. They push their crap in your hands and won't leave you alone
Dogs are welcome everywhere
Breakfast this morning at the hotel was a little more usual

18 June 2015

Dinner was great ! Carpaccio
1st night in Florence
Some Florence fashionistas
Moschino show
Harry's famous restaurant
Crazy taxi
Loving Florence and the fashion. Crazy busy with lots of beautiful architecture!
Made it to Florence even after I screwed up the apartment dates, so found a great hotel way closer! And beautiful Firenza... 💖
Stuck in the parking garage because the exit gate isn't working. Everyone is out of there car and talking! Been 15 minutes so far, parking Italian style
On our way to Florence

17 June 2015

The hard trec and 5 miles

16 June 2015

Loving Vernazza, more beautiful than I thought possible
Before the trek
Finally in Cinque Terre Vernazza
On our way to Vernazza
At the Ferrari factory museum
Ferrari factory museum
Wearing sneakers after blister disaster yesterday
On the bridge leaving the island of Venezia
Testing our selfie stick
We loved Venice
Water fresh and cold for drinking
Cappuccino and brioche
Last coffee and morning in our apartment

15 June 2015

Bellini time
Wow another thunderstorm at the same time as last night. Waiting it out looking in windows
On one of the many bridges in Venezia
Some of the prettiest windows in the world
Having lunch and definitely getting into vacation mode after 11 hours sleep and 3 hours walking so far
Had to get a hat in Piazza San Marco it was so sunny
Finally at piazza San Marco
Such a fabulous city Venezia
Starting our morning

14 June 2015

Out for our first dinner and met a lovely woman from California. Great pizza and conversation
Venezia as beautiful as I remember. 🎭💖
Wow our apartment is even nicer in person than in pics on the net! We were happily surprised. 👏🏼
First pic at a canal on our way to our apartment
On the autostrada going fast
Stopping by for a doppio espresso
Wow this is at the airport!
So after a long restless night and a lot of throwing up, we are finally landing in Milan. I have never felt like that on an airplane but I think I had a bug or something I ate, because we all know how good that airplane food can be.

13 June 2015

John Stewart 3rd is one of our pilots
Now only 43 minutes till we board!
Love this
Finally made it to the airport even after bad directions from the gps and sitting in traffic for an hour.👏🏼
The driver!
On our way to the airport on a scorching summer day.