Portugal, Spain · 11 Days · 16 Moments · April 2018

Surfing in Galicia

28 April 2018

On the road again. The week has been amazing. Loved every Minute of it. I was not sure If I really should drive all the way up to Galicia with my sore tooth, empty pockets moneywise, still things to organise before my new job starts and hardly any surfing skills to survive in the rough conditions of the Galician sea. But it was worth everything! I will surely come back. Now I am on the road, with a quick stopover in Santiago de Compostela to watch some pilgrims πŸ˜‰ 18h the car has to be back in Lisbon.

27 April 2018

Surfing the first Green waves without falling 😊
Last day of surfing today. Conditions are difficult. Let's Go 😊

26 April 2018

Surfing was difficult this morning. After 1h fighting the current we gave up. Coffee and tea instead and some "Sightseeing" afterwards. The rest of the day we will spend on the beach. RΓΆsti and Videoanalysis in the evening.

25 April 2018

Sundowner on the rooftop.
This morning we got Up:12Β°C. Rain. By 9 o'clock we were in the water. The only ones of course. Surfing was good today. Caught some nice waves. This afternoon 20Β°C and sun. Siesta at the beach. Life is good.

24 April 2018

While Nadine and Cedric decided to go out in the waves again for some free surf.....I decided to call it a day and have beer at the beach instead πŸ˜‰ Looking from here at the waves I am glad I did. Not the best conditions and loooots of paddeling involved.
That's the point when going surfing. Sometimes you have a good day. And sometimes Not. Today i had one nice wave and that was it. The rest was fighting the water, paddeling and recovering from being hit by the water. After three hours in 14Β°C cold water the toes were numb and the frustration high. Lets hope for a better day tomorrow....

23 April 2018

Wow. Galicia is surprising with endless beaches. Most of them empty! Today i had the first surfing lesson and it was just awesome.

22 April 2018

First impressions from Galicia: Weather is Not ideal but the countryside is incredible green. It reminds me a lot of Ireland. The people, the speed of life, the nature. Everyone is friendly even if I don't speak their language. It's also quite cheap. We just paid 3.70€ for two coffees and a hot chocolate. And we got Churros and a complimentary chickpea soup with it. People in the camp are extremely friendly. I am sharing a room with Nadine from Basel/Switzerland. There is also a Columbian guy in the camp and another Swiss will arrive tonight. Surf class will start tomorrow.
Weather to be optimised...
0.10 o'clock. Arrived. Finally. Not the kind of roadtrip I was expecting. πŸ€” Google said 5h 54 min. Took me 6h 53min in the end. So far I only saw Galicia by night. Let's have a look when the light is back πŸ˜‰
Finally on the road. After dentist appointment, late breakfast with old rallye friends, issues with the rental car company I am heading North with this little Italian car. Still a loooong way to go, but at least the sun is showing up.
The Holiday is starting with heavy Rain and a visit at the dentist, because i am still in pain from some treatment they did 1.5 weeks ago. Welcome on board: Penicillin and pain Killers πŸ™ˆ

17 April 2018

Rental Car is booked. Surfcamp is contacted. The plan is to leave Portugal for a bit and head North for a while to work on my (non existent) waveriding skills. ++ It's time to live ++