Australia · 70 Days · 23 Moments · August 2017

Summer's journi to Australia

24 October 2017

Today we arrived at carol house and we helped carol with the chickens and we stayed at carol for one night.☔️and it was raining at carol and we woke up and it was sunny ☀️💩and we met a dog 🐶 named Archie .

22 October 2017

We drove along the beach to Teewah Beach and found a camp spot right on the beach. We had a swim and walked along the beach. Dad went fishing with a big surf rod but didn't catch anything. We found lots of pippies which Dad used for bait and I found a big shell. We had a fire at night and toasted marshmallows. Will and l did some art and craft in the camper💩

19 October 2017

Today we arrived at Noosa we went surfing 🏄 and we went swimming 🏊 and we played some games at the games room and will and l went boogie boarding.💩💕

13 October 2017

10 October 2017

8 October 2017

Today we arrived at tannum sands we went to the market we went to gladdy we went to the beach 🌊 and we went surfing 🏄 and I got a boogie board we saw duckling 🐥🐣and we hand fed a kookaburras💩

3 October 2017

Today we arrived at callioeepe River we had ☔️ rain for 3 days we saw rorikeets and kookaburras and ducks 🦆 and we swang no the swing And we played in the mud and we cot muddy and dad caught a mangrove Jackxxxooo.

28 September 2017

Today we arrived at Carnarvon Gorge. We saw lots of emus and kangaroos on the road in. We setup camp in a hill over looking the gorge and went to the caves and rock pool. It was pretty cold in the water. We came back to camp at night and had dinner and danced with Mum. It was heaps of fun.

26 September 2017

Today we arrived at Emerald. It was very hot

25 September 2017

Today we went to Thomas Lloyd Weir to camp for the night. We saw lots of kangaroos and turtles. I also saw cows and we had a fire. We played bottle flips and UNO.

18 September 2017

Today we drove to an old mine called Mary Kathleen mining town. They was just lots of concrete slabs and roads left of the town. We camped at Coreela Dam. Tomorrow we are going to put the boat in.

11 September 2017

Yesterday we left camp at Burke and wills Roadhouse. We stopped and got a photo at the Gregory sign for pa! We then set up camp at adeles grove in lawn hill national park. Will and I made our own fire. Today we went for the biggest walk ever to the gorge. We swam at the waterfall and saw canoeists. We walked over many rocks and dry country. We also found some bush tucker . We met heaps friends swimming I the gorge. This place is awesome!

8 September 2017

Today we went out fishing again but only caught little fish. We saw a really big crocodile and put the crab pots in. That night we fed the kangaroos and one got really close to Mum

25 August 2017

It was my birthday and I got lots of presents and we had cake on the Bach and I had a swim with my mum and my brother and my dad were fishing on the beach and we went out for dinner .

24 August 2017

Today we drove 4 and a half hours to Weipa. We are camping at the caravan park. We had a swim in the pool and watched the sunset. I also kicked the soccer ball with my brother. Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!

23 August 2017

Today we decided to camp at Chilli Beach. We walked out on the beach and the sand was hard. We went swimming and chased little fish. We went back to camp and meet some friends on the beach -their names were Heath and Karter. They were travelling around Australia too. We played rugby on the beach and built sandcastle. Tomorrow we are going to Weipa and it's only two sleeps till my birthday!!!!

22 August 2017

Today we went to Portland Roads and had a fish. We saw a huge school of bait fish. My Dad caught a trevali and a barracuda. Then we went to Chilli Beach. We saw a sand monitor and we climbed a huge tree. We went swimming in the rock pools with my Mum and we found a beautiful shell and Dad found a painted cray. We played a game a of soccer on the beach and went on a big walk.

21 August 2017

Today we did a lot of driving. I watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Sammys Great Escape. The roads were very bumpy and Dad nearly got bogged. We got some supplies at Cohen and rang Nana. We saw lots of road works and had lunch at Archer River Roadhouse where a bull tried to have lunch with us. We got free sunscreen,pens and stickers from Rio Tinto. We saw a snake on the road, we think it was a tree snake. We stopped for the night at Rainforest Camp at Iron Range National Park and we are going to Portland Roads, Chilli Beach and Lloyd Bay tomorrow.

20 August 2017

We had lunch at Hann River and when Mum did a poo, a kangaroo scared her. It was funny - Ha Ha Ha! We drove to a campsite called Saltwater camping ground. We had a fish but caught nothing. We saw bush turkeys, a kangaroo, frogs and some sun birds. We had yummy chicken teriyaki with rice for dinner.🤘🏼

18 August 2017

We saw a crocodile. the crocodile was about 3 metres long. we searched for shells on the bench. I went fishing with my family and I caught 1 fish and it was called a Salmon and Will caught 1 Sam Salmon and also Will caught a catfish. I made a necklace and a bracelet and played games with my family. We ate the Salmon for dinner and it was yummy! We had a fire at night We had a walk along the beach💩
We did Some 4wdriving and when we got to the bathhurst bay we set up the camp. After this we did some fishing. Dad threw in the cast net and caught hundreds of mullet! There were so many sting rays in the shallows. Dad caught two stingrays in the cast net as well!💩

17 August 2017

We got up early and packed up because it was sooooo windy! Cooked some bacon in Cooktown, got some supplies and headed to Endeaver Falls caravan park. We cleaned up and got organised. We looked at the falls, had a swim, looked at the bulls with the massive horns, looked at the Bantom chickens, looked at the goose. The bull nearly charged will because it had some calves.💩

16 August 2017

Tuesday the 15 of august I went around Australia and we left on Tuesday the 15 of august we started our trip around Australia at Tinroo We saw 2 Quoll and in the middle of the night the Quoll ate our toothpaste we went on a bush walk l fed the ducks and it was very cold and there was a lot of ducks.💩