Europe, North America · 93 Days · 87 Moments · June 2014

summer and flowers in san francisco.

26 September 2014

pretty pretty dolores park :)

23 September 2014

san francisco views. <3
and then we found a carousel.
welcome to alcatraz!

21 September 2014

visiting the berkeley campus, searching for breakfast food and road trip planning! yay!

20 September 2014

visiting the lighthouse... and the ocean!
weekend day trip to point reyes! hello nature!

18 September 2014

i asked for spinach in my bagel. #feelinglikepopeye

14 September 2014

found my new favorite restaurant! :D
lone cypress and birds and ocean and sun and water and view at 17-mile-drive.

13 September 2014

found the perfect hotel!
weekend trip to carmel-by-the-sea!

6 September 2014

is it fall already? all the heavenly pumpkin-spiced goodness kinda suggests it is :)

4 September 2014

birthday cocktails for stefan!

14 August 2014

upgraded my beloved macbook with a new sticker after visiting... facebook! <3

12 August 2014

america amazes me. cookie, ice cream, cookie: an ice cream sandwich! i'm definitely in love with blueberry ice cream now!

11 August 2014

aaaall the drinks! yay, app submit!

10 August 2014

and sunset at beautiful beautiful pfeiffer beach! it was even almost warm. it would have been comfortably warm, had we thought of blankets and gloves! ;)
sand dollar beach :) perfect break to take off our shoes and stroll along the beach!
we took the california 1 highway down south to escape san francisco's fog for once and enjoy the pacific coast. at big sur we took pictures of the famous waterfall - to make clear where to find it, i marked it with my sun glasses :P

7 August 2014

so i climbed up that wall to touch the old chairlift hanging in the middle of the sports store. felt like back home in austria :D when's skiing season starting again?

4 August 2014

detour on our way back from silicon valley :) sunset! oh and 2 guys just got arrested at the parking lot. great location for a romantic evening :D

3 August 2014

golden gate bridge at night :)
there's a racoon. and there's the golden gate bridge. this picture is family photo album material.
building sand castles! what else would you do at the beach? #notswimming

31 July 2014

view from ferry building towards the bay bridge :)

28 July 2014

awesome impressions from the airbnb office tour! touched a huge "belo" (the new logo), drank lots of coffee and loved the desk where you could write notes and cards and drop it into the internal airbnb mail box to simply make somebody's day <3

26 July 2014

huge nike store is huge!

25 July 2014

totally worth waiting on the sidewalk - roasted banana and honey lavender ice cream!
always good to know!

24 July 2014

an evening out with the journi team: pitching journi, awesome cocktails and a typewriter in the bathroom!

22 July 2014

camping life at the housekeeping camp :) basically dancing around the fire, drinking beer and roasting marshmallows!
we made it to the top of nevada falls! enjoying lunch, chilling in the sun on a huge rock in the river and standing right next to the impressive falls, yay! aaand back down via the john muir trail we go!
almost stole my snickers. ALMOST, ha!
stopping for a swim and a snickers at emerald lake!
second hike: vernal and nevada falls! waterfall and rainbows <3
what americans call a "hiking trail"...

21 July 2014

deer are not scared at all... and super cute!
first hike: all the way up to yosemite falls! beautiful views over the valley :)

20 July 2014

afternoon walk to mirror lake :)
loading up the van for camping in yosemite park! if you didn't realise: we are taking ALL THE WATER!

19 July 2014

all the fries!
loving zeitgeist! party excursion with rod and stefan :))

18 July 2014

chris being awesome at pool!
ux session at plug&play center in sunnyvale :) with usability testing of the new airbnb website!

14 July 2014

PANCAKES <3 #omnomnom

12 July 2014

spending the afternoon checking out the mission district... or at least coffee shops in mission district!
"schatzi" on a sign and a hipster. san francisco randomness picture. loving it!

11 July 2014

supermoon over san francisco... or at least almost!

9 July 2014

delicious sushi sponsored by the awesome go silicon valley program, yay! :)
happy bus on stanford campus :) fancy buildings and amazingly huge sport areas!

8 July 2014

best burritos in mission district! aaaawesome!
20mission coworking space and my first bitcoins (or bitcoin percentage...)

6 July 2014

obligatory selfie and more bridge pictures!
the fog and the bridge and the bridge and the fog.
first views of the golden gate bridge and some snapshots of the journi biker gang :)

5 July 2014

favorite hipster store. uo.
ordering a sub in "regular" size. oops :D
cable cars!!! <3
selfie time in front of... tourists at lombard street :)

4 July 2014

4th of july "fireworks" :)
don't go to the southern hill, it's dangerous! ok... running then :) beautiful though and seemingly safe and secure enough for a run!

3 July 2014

snapshot beer!!!
bianca and me got new ram! yihaa! #journiboost

2 July 2014

lunch time! maki, chips and twix!

1 July 2014

choices, choices, choices!

29 June 2014

next hipster coffeehouse around the corner <3
american sizes. yihaaa -.-
morning run to glen canyon park! woohooo!

28 June 2014

evening atmosphere at dolores park on the way home :)
hello america! awful beer and delicious burgers!
first view of the golden gate bridge!
exploring the piers. palm trees everywhere! yaaaaaay!
single shot almond-coconut milk iced cappuccino. me, happy!
hipster coffee, bagels, breakfast! YAY!
morning run with stefan! hello more of san francisco!

27 June 2014

foggy foggy foggy san francisco - hellooooo!
hello san francisco!
wow. tomato juice out of a can. perfect flight already!
grüzi wohl aus zürich <3
helloooo zürich! life is awesome :D #airportlove
mountains and my favorite inflight menu: chocolate muffin and tomato juice :D
all set. yay!
booooaaaarding! #letsjourni
on the way to the airport. good morning!

26 June 2014

yay packing! fitting a tent, hiking boots and all the normal stuff into my backpack is not the easiest task. still... yay, packing!