United States of America · 99 Days · 30 Moments · May 2018

Summer 2018

20 August 2018

Today I went to visit Ricki again. We went hiking at Highbanks and ate firehouse subs. Afterwards we got a free smoothie from Edible Arrangements and played board games at her house. Her mom made spaghetti and we got another smoothie. This one wasn’t as good as the first one but it’s okay. Ricki made me a birthday cake and her family sang to me. It was awkward but entertaining.

16 August 2018

Today started off by going to the Root Cafe. Everything was homemade, even the orange juice was freshly squeezed. After we ate we started our journey to loco ropes. There was a bunch of traffic but we made it. We did obstacle courses in the air and zip lining. It was super fun and I want to go again. However, we are headed back home now. Arkansas was a fun little journey.

15 August 2018

Today was our last adventurous day in Arkansas! We started off by going to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The sights were beautiful, however it was super hot and we got eaten alive by mosquitos. Love that for us. But we treated ourselves with some rolled ice cream. It was the first time I’ve ever had it, and it was amazing. Later that day we explored the River Market again, and went in some more shops. For dinner we ended the night at All-Aboard. They serve the food by train and it gets lowered to the table. The food was great and it was entertaining to experience being served by a train.

14 August 2018

So today in arkansas we started the day off by getting some drinks at Blue Sail Coffee. Afterwards we headed over to the Brown vs Board of Education school, and visited the visitor center. From there we went to the Clinton Presidential Museum and explored the area. We ate lunch at Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro, and the food was absolutely amazing. After we ate we explored the market area some more and found the cutest little town that we want to go back to. We went to a painting class and went swimming at the hotel pool for awhile after. Later that night we went to The Old Mill. It looked like somewhere a fairy would live. And we finished the night off at Brewskis pub and grub with some burgers! Today was very eventful and fun.

13 August 2018

So today me and squirrel decided to drive to Arkansas. It was a long 12 hour drive but we made it. On the way we stopped at Starbucks and sonic for food. When we got to our hotel we decided to get ready to go out to eat like planned. We went to Sim’s Bar B Que and it was Interesting. We got pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and potato salad. We were also planning on going swimming but the pool was closed at the hotel, so we are just watching the notebook and relaxing.

28 July 2018

Me and my sister finally got to see Cure Culture! We saw Liberty Deep Down again as well. Since we got there early to eat at the diner, we ended up getting first row for the concert. Also,I was wearing the merch I got from them and Will, from the band, said “nice shirt” to me. Also Ethan commented on my Instagram post which was also everything!

24 July 2018

Today started off with going to Taco Bell, because we needed to feast. But then we went to the eye doctor because my eyes have been so blurry lately. However, the doctor said my eyes were fine so I’m guessing there is something else wrong. Anyways, we went to the fair afterwards and we got some ice cream and played a bunch of skee ball.

13 July 2018

Since Skylar got his new boots, we decided to go to Ariel park and walk around a little bit. I also took some pictures because he is literally a model. Afterwards we went to speedway and got us some big slushees that were so beautiful.

12 July 2018

Today me and Linda decided to have a fun day. We went to the trampoline park in Mansfield. We jumped for about an hour and got exhausted. While we were there Linda dropped his phone in the foam pit and we were barely able to get it out. Today we both got our fishing licenses as well and I got my first fishing pole. We had a little picnic at the secret fishing spot and Linda caught 2 little fishes. I had a lot of fun today.

7 July 2018

So many fireworks this year! I’m so thankful I was able to watch fireworks 3 times! I usually don’t get to! This one was at Davis Beach with Linda’s family. We played volleyball, ate some food, and stuck our feet in the water. It was a great night and I really had a lot of fun.

6 July 2018

My sister decided to take me on a Squirrel date. We got all dressed up and went to Fiesta and Whits. The food was really good, and you can’t go wrong with some frozen custard!

3 July 2018

Me and Linda decided that we were going to Red White and Boom this year. We started off at the Polaris mall; where Skylar got a new shirt. Then we accidentally parked a 30 minute walk away from where we were supposed to be. Let’s just say my feet are killing me! The fireworks were amazing and the live entertainment was okay. The food was severely overpriced but luckily we brought our own food. I loved watching the fireworks with my Linda for the first time!

24 June 2018

Skylar’s graduation party was today! A lot of people showed up, which means he made a bunch of money! It was nice to see his family and play corn hole. Afterwards we had a little bonfire at his house.

23 June 2018

For our next adventure we wanted to go to the beach. We ended up at Fairport Harbor in Cleveland and it was the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen. Even though we got poured on it ended up being a great day. On our way to the lighthouse I slipped and fell on a rock and got algae all over my shorts. We also ate at a local diner, which actually surprised me in quality.

20 June 2018

Me and squirrel decided to invent park hopping. We went to 3 parks around the area and swung and played on the slides. We also decided to take cool pictures and they ended up looking really cool. By the time we went down all of the slides our booties were soaked but it was worth it.
Mazza’s reopened in Mount Vernon, so we decided to celebrate Father’s Day by eating there. The food was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to go back! I got the chicken parmesan and the chocolate tarte.

18 June 2018

A new restaurant opened up in Mount Vernon called the Joint and we decided to check another thing off our bucket list and try it out! The food was amazing but I’d go for the fries instead of the tots.

14 June 2018

For our annual all of garden trip, me and mason were off and Reagan had to work. We ended up bringing her some as well as Kaitlin, Autumn, and Jake. While we were waiting for the food to get done, we got cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

12 June 2018

We are just checking things off left and right on our bucket list. This time we went on a bike ride on the bike path in bellville. We ended up going 2.5 miles which is crazy. Afterwards we had a little ice cream treat at the dairy belle.

8 June 2018

Hiking was the next activity that was accomplished on our bucket list. We went to Honey Run Falls In Apple Valley. It was a beautiful sight to see. We also went off the trail a little bit. I thought we were going to be lost forever but we survived thankfully.

3 June 2018

The next thing we accomplished on our bucket list was watching the sunset. It was a beautiful sight to see. We had to climb down a lot of rocks and I was wearing flip flops so that was scary. But I really enjoyed the sunset and I want to go back.
Today was the field trip for the little kids. I was in charge of teaching them how to roll pretzels. Jake was helping them as well. Kaitlin was in charge of giving them a tour of the pretzel shop while Jim was teaching the history lesson of Auntie Annes. It was a fun experience and it was also great to get out of work for a few hours. Later that day both stores had a sub and ice cream party for selling the most candy lemonades.

29 May 2018

Me and Squirrel decided to take Shiloh on a walk. We went to Ariel and walked the whole park pretty much. The water and scenery was beautiful. Shiloh even posed for a few pictures!

28 May 2018

Later that day we went to my house and ate another cookout. Afterwards we went hiking at Mount Gilead State Park and got ice cream cones at a local ice cream shop.
On Memorial Day me and Skylar spent the first half of the day with his family. We went to Davis Beach In Apple valley and swam for a little bit. After awhile we went to his Uncle Dustin’s house for a small cookout.

22 May 2018

I went to visit my friend Ricki from school. When I got to her house I was not allowed in for whatever reason. So, we ended up going to the mall in Easton and it ended up being a great experience. I met people from the band Cure Culture and I’m actually going to their concert in July now. We also enjoyed getting smoothies and looking around at all the stores.

21 May 2018

This summer me and Squirrel made a bucket list. The first one checked off was watching the sunrise. We wanted to go up the tower to watch it but it was locked. As we were leaving we checked the tower again and it had unlocked so we were able to see what was left of the sunrise from the top.

18 May 2018

Skylar Graduated High School this summer! I’m so proud of him for all of his accomplishments. Also he got accepted into the University of Akron for athletic training, however he found a really good job at Ariel and is starting training there soon. He will be making good money and he will be a machinist.

17 May 2018

Saundra came to Ohio and we decided to go spend time with them at the Zoo. It was nice to see Grace and Tommy again! The polar bears and the giraffes were definitely the best exhibits, however I wish we could have fed the giraffes.

13 May 2018

Squirrel came home from being in Italy for 5 months! We celebrated by going to Steak n Shake that night and then going to the Cheesecake Factory with Roo the next day!