Croatia, Slovenia · 12 Days · 14 Moments · July 2017

Sumeet's adventure in Croatia & Slovenia

4 August 2017

Ljubljana Cathedral was pretty from inside. Sat inside for some time - found the rituals amusing. In the evening, drove back to the city. The evening was much cooler and city centre far more crowded with street performers doing their stuff and tourists jostling for river front places to sit. Grabbed drinks at a restaurant nestled inside a small tree lined lane. Kids jumped around soap bubbles, we saw an Indian Street performer playing tabla, went to the bridge of locks and finally walked back to the same lane for Mexican dinner. Food was average and we learnt that nachos is the sauce, not the corn chips! Kids were tired by the time we dragged ourselves back to hotel. Returning the rental car was another adventure. Couldn't find the key drop box and left the key inside the partly open window. Then figured that key drop off was near the terminal. Went back to fetch key and papers but the key fell down! Sent them an email and hoped for the best :(
The last day of our trip was aptly spent without much agenda. Drove to City centre, visited the museum of illusions which was small but educative. Took pictures of the illusions - some were familiar, figured how the magic cube illusion works and took a video of the coin rotation which closely mimicked how gravitation in space-time works. RGB components of light forming white light but different colored shadows was good, as was the game challenge stop at the end where I was able to solve only 1 puzzle as did Anay.. The Open Market (Odprta Kuhna) was​ buzzing with several food stalls of different world cuisines. It was tastefully done, not like a run down food stall. We ate Egyptian shawarma and you'll and Smita got ginger lemonade in a pouch. Her Iranian dish was okayish. The ice cream rolls were an interesting sight when being made but were not as delectable when eaten. Had to go out of my comfort zone in asking the apprentice to not make the 2nd roll since he screwed up the 1st one.

3 August 2017

Lake Bled and Bled Castle are pretty but remind you of several other lake towns in Europe. We chose to go the Castle first which was quite pedestrian save for the views of the lake from the top. Anay insisted on having the make you own ice cream - vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate sauce of your choice and topped by selection of 5 toppings. 4 💶 just for innovation! The continuity of time display was interesting in the small castle museum. And the kids learnt how printing was done in a manual printing press. Actually, on 2nd thoughts, the castle wasn't that bad! By the time we went down to the lake, the heat took its toll and we were in no mood to take the gondola ride to the island. Had lunch where Anay got a scolding for tearing the menu, threw a tantrum and finally left most of his lunch untouched because he didn't like it. Walked for a bit, dipped our feet in the lake waters and drove back to the hotel but not before shopping at Supernova and having a sushi-chinese dinner!

2 August 2017

Postojna Caves in Slovenia exceeded expectations. I had read that they were spectacular but their sheer scale took our breath away. It seemed like they extended for miles under the ground. Millions of stalactites (from the roof) and stalagmites (from the floor) and other formations made for a super learning experience for the kids. The Zoo was small but had underground creatures you would never see otherwise. Anay took a special liking to Proteus, who he insisted on calling Orm. Predjama Castle was interesting as it was built into a rock face and it was interesting to note how people would have lived inside and thwarted attacks from outside. The last section which was completely rock cut elicited a response from Zoya : 'Imperial Heights is luxury as compared to this! How did they ever live here?!'

1 August 2017

Last shot of the Mehta and Shrivastava kids at Rastoke (we didn't end up doing much there coz the access was closed). Akhil- Sonali drove southwards towards Split and we drove northwards towards Ljubljana from Rastoke.

31 July 2017

Plitvice lake system is out of this world. Exhilarating views and long walks! Seth's and Shrivastava left for the bus stop mid way. Zoya and Anay complained a bit but braved through the full circuit and the long queue for the boat. Finally, got some food at P3. Seths left for Zagreb in the evening.

29 July 2017

Split. Ordinary city. The Agrawals split from here to Amsterdam where they planned to attend a concert. We rented cars and drove to Plitvice.

27 July 2017

Blue Caves boat charter tour. The speed of the boat bothered Rameet and Akhil. Blue caves were very pretty. Green caves were ok. The island where we stopped for lunch was also cool. The day was spoilt a bit by the sullen mood that Rameet was in. The distance of the caves was too much. Wish they were closer.

26 July 2017

Bol village, Zlatni Rat beach. Great small village on Brac island. Nice beach, though crowded. Good fun. Had a scare when Anay almost flew out of the water roller coaster ride. Calmed ourselves down with a dip in the water. Kids had fun on the trampoline and everyone but me bought water shoes.

25 July 2017

Last day at Dubrovnik. The restaurant atop cable car had excellent food, good service and excellent views. Anay threw a big tantrum because he couldn't go on the buggy ride.

24 July 2017

The walk around the Old City Fort ramparts afforded beautiful views!
Copacabana beach near Villa Erna. Last day spent at the beach. Aalok got this plush Moët & Chandon cabana for us to rest. Good fun!

23 July 2017

Something about Old City and it's numerous restaurants. Every evening we would hypnotically go there and sample the food at a new restaurant.
The boat charter on the 2nd day at Dubrovnik was a different kind of experience. Spending the whole day on the boat and making stops at different islands was fun. We couldn't make it to the nature reserve at Miljet that Rameet intended but it didn't come in the way of all of us having a good time!