United Kingdom · 562 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017


6 days ago

“Shiny Objects Syndrome”(No.2) from the Instagram feed, or Facebook post; to satisfy my urge for a particular object, and to quench my desire. Later I reflect and perceive that purchase to be un-necessary, and then feel a stronger need to negotiate a refund. Sitting here with gratitude for the lesson, and grumpiness in the reduction in my range of rose gold baubles. This scenario highlights that in our shadow side of ourselves, there is this magpie nature, that loves Shiny Objects. “Certain things catch the eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart”. Yet how do we listen to our own heart? It can take a moment or a lifetime- based on our willingness to pause and hear our inner voice or voices! I realise that for me those moments can bring joy, sorrow, clarity and a pathway,however the first time of choosing solitude, my internal critic created chaos, to keep the status quo. “Only when we step away from fear, can we possibly hear the inner voice “. Neale D. Walsh.
My message this morning is “Please beware of Shiny Object Syndrome.” (No.1) In my case this is quite literal. I fell in love with a Murano glass bead; and desperate to add it to a bracelet. The clasp broke open, and several beads fell off the chain. And in doing so I took the rest of the beads off, so I could place them back on the chain in a particular color sequence, which friends who know me understand. I like things to match. And in fact there is an aspect of my character, who can be seduced by Shiny Object Syndrome, whether it is a sale bargain of clothes or art canvasses; or art supplies, or whether it is a bauble of some type, or a pair of boots or shoes. this aspect of my character can be taken into wider aspects of my life; sometimes I have been drawn to Psychology, Marketing or Art Techniques, or Self-awareness principles, and have been known to purchase the same or similar learning materials on more than one occasion, not recognising the fact, as some buzz word resonated

20 May 2018

On Sunday, I volunteered with one of the Telford50 birthday events! Seated on a ground sheet under a gazebo, I began a pilot of what will become my “Bobbin of Beginnings” series. I explained to children and their parents that it was usual for participants to : doodle, dance their doodle, talk about their doodle, and recognise the doodles of their peers Some Children doodled, some told stories about their doodle dance, some crayoned in silence, and some were prompted by their parents and carers to move to another activity on offer prematurely. One young girl, returned on 3 separate occasions, much to the disbelief of their parent! It showed me that once we are given permission to let our being BE, then we can pass on permission for others to make that choice! I realised that one of my original wounds was in regards to “scribbling on walls at home” for which I was severely chastised! This wanes because I gave others permission to self-determine.

7 April 2018

Excited to hold space in circles and to provide space for the other “ to know themselves”. To guide individuals who “dare to be themselves”, firmly holding the belief that intention and action can “undo troubles, muddles and habits” and generate confidence and opportunities. Today there are many elders ostracised in rehabilitation centres because their needs cannot be catered for at home. This cuts them off from their loved ones, so an inter-generational connection is lost within the community. A lack of kinship and belonging creates many social issues, where young people and or parents are blamed for consequences of separation and fear. Young woman are placed in refuges and young men take internalised anger out on themselves and others. The daily news is filled with human tragedy; as humans become de-humanised by “the other”.If we look back into the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s we can see the ultimate consequence of choices made. May community leadership convene in connection!

17 March 2018

“The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind”- Caroline Myss If you are ever drawn to try a new hobby, then trust your instincts! I have just completed a painting through Legend, a short course created by Shiloh Sophia. This process took me back to my pre verbal self, from which I gained insight and wisdom. I have learned to trust my awareness, i.e. in a toddler group when the participants were getting restless, I placed some wallpaper on the floor, and we did some doodle art, and we crawled and floor played our expressions. Similarly when invited to bring ideas on strategy for future developments for inner children of all ages, I picked my sword of bravery and initiated a two way meeting, which has led to fresh discussions with significant individuals. My willingness to Carpe Diem (Sieze the Day); has enabled my sense of intrinsic worth to unfold. How will you silence your mind today and take a risk and be free.?

11 March 2018

It is 4:00 am in the morning and I have been awakened by a messenger in my dream! This use to surprise me yet now, I know I need to capture the message before my inner child will let me return to my slumber. Two symbols came to me, a male body in a 1960’s black polo sweater and a black sheep. After a few minutes, the voice was clear. It came from my pre-verbal state; I hate it when I hear an adult chastise a child. I hate the child’s “blood-curdling “ pre-verbal reply. Why can’t someone help adults re-parent and repair their own inner children and teenagers so that they only use “tough love” as a last resort not an automatic reply. Dream symbols could help in psychotherapy. Sciencecodex.com Dream images could provide insights into people’s mental health problems and may help with their treatment- psychology researcher Dr. Lance Storm.

10 March 2018

Nomadic by nature, learning that wherever she lay her pretty head was her home. Preferably with a cuddly toy or a golden retriever so she could pretend she felt nurtured away from Great Grannie. She sensed a terror inside her, one she couldn’t verbalise. Laying in the darkness of her subconscious mind; It would be many years later before she felt safe enough to lift the lid on her pre-verbal years. Being a selective mute was a tough call. What did She learn from this experience? I am more than an economic unit of production. I am more than my biography. I am more than my disability. You are more than you will ever know. Because I made a choice to find meaning in my life and to leave a legacy. I begged, borrowed and blagged money to invest in rediscovering me. I realised and faced my deficiencies and over time accepted rather than ran away from that reality. I had to, life had become dark and difficult, and the Light was over the horizon.

1 February 2018

She was Native to her Neuro-land, and it’s diversity She shape-shifted to be with the other She lost an aspect of her-self every time She cried tears of grief for her true self; abandoned to “fit in” Yet she was mis- understood, mis-managed and a misfit. And was freaked out by the “ Typicos” She travelled the worlds- internal, sub-terrain and global, to find fragments of her essence And broadened her earthly existence as a consequence She found her voice in France and Georgia Her Somatic sense in the U.K. and US.A. Her Creativity in Hawaii And her ancestors in the Highlands and Isles of Scotland She still gets stuck: Her greatest strength is her exquisite sensitivity.

12 November 2017

Musings on the journey so far? With an increased awareness in Ecology matters; it seems one area that is often under-valued is the Inner Ecology. When I reflect upon the challenges my soul has experienced as “Sue”, I am humbled by my ability to survive. Born at 28 weeks back in 1958; upside down with a cord around my neck, with an inability to digest milk, so lots of projectile vomiting. This makes a mother / daughter bond a challenge. School was a crazy place, where my desire for learning was squashed, by being asked to write with my write hand not my left one. Peers influenced my decision too, as frequently my home-work was placed under the gym shower with taps on full. New decision to “dumb down” was executed, and my journey into the abyss, where poverty, despair, loneliness and in- authenticity reigned. This was exaggerated by many losses in my childhood and teenage years of beloved ones. Trusting Tara was conceived, who trusted the bullies not her own IQ or instinct

18 September 2017

“From today mute no way, I will find the courage to have my say” Sue Bayley Yesterday I had the delicious experience of watching the film The Shape of Water. It highlighted for me that you can be yourself and others will see what they want to see about you! The protagonist stayed true to herself, her values and her intention! I wish I met “Sue” modelling possibilities many moons ago when I needed to be shown how being true to who you are is the way to be. Sioux Chem, pictured in a previous book, is a clay image created from the soil near Montpellier in France! She taught guidance through soul prompts, soul whispers, soul twinges and Siouxisms (truth saying). One evening I was alone in the house and fell asleep early at 10:30 pm. Three hours later I was awakened and I noticed a moth fluttering in the corner of my bedroom! I sensed a soul being freed from its casing, so I rose from my bed and busied myself until the first train became available to Watford! What a nudge!

5 July 2017

Terrified Tina was afraid of saying “No” to others she felt were significant. She regularly gave her power away. She had acute hearing, and was hypersensitive and alert. She rejected praise and her own gifts. She had little respect for money or herself. She tumbled into money muddles and ignored her wisdom. She allowed negative habits to take over her life. One day she met a lady named Joyce who talked to her about respect? Ignorant, she listened and questioned. She began to argue with her critics, especially her own saboteur. She started to sense seeds of self love and self worth. Her shift in energy attracted a gentle Jazz Poet who offered his love: She accepted and began to find ways to learn all the basics of life from a new perspective. “Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing”. Top 100 Love Yourself:Self-Esteem, Self-Worth andSelf-Love quotes= Quoteambition.com

4 July 2017

There is a place that you are here to fill and no-one else can fill it, something you are to do which no-one else can - PLATO One aspect of my being that honours that historic statement is: The Autistic Whisperer. She supported by her beloved models what is possible when love impacts on fear. If you have ever wanted to know how a child who used “to hide under tables” when visitors came to the home, became some-one who could travel, learn, advocate and guide then “keep reading”. For 60 years Sue has danced the “game of life”, “climbing ladders and falling down snakes”. Yearning to be seen, heard, and sensed and given permission to “to be her true self”, she took the journey of the hero, and became the “Heroine of her own life”. On a journey of discovery, she approached guidance from 4 different perspectives, Career and Life Purpose, Ministry, and Soul guidance, Somatic and Relational, and now Intentional Creativity. Ready to inspire others, and honour her vow .