North America · 4 Days · 31 Moments · November 2017

Thanksgiving '17 - Sue & Brooke Mexico City

26 November 2017

Of course, I have to feature the dessert!!!
After the foot massage, we wandered around and shopped and enjoyed a gorgeous day!!!
And then we went to this amazing place for lunch: San Angel Inn. It was first class all the way: top-notch service, fabulous ambience, and incredible food!!!
Brooke said I should send this photo out to all my friends and they'll say: OMG, What happened? Tell them you fell off a burro!!!😝
This is the oxygen and foot massage...awesome!!
And then....we decided to go back to the spa (on Ave. Amsterdam!😄) for a foot massage and an oxygen treatment. You're probably all laughing about the oxygen, but the other fun fact you should be aware of: Mexico City is 1.4 miles high!!!
Started our day with breakfast on the roof! 💋

25 November 2017

So this was our main purpose of the day...can you believe this shirt? It's for real! Brooke has to go to the Ho Ho Ho Hoedown Christmas party in a few weeks and needed a "Christmas Cowboy" shirt. And this is what we came up with - I think it will work, don't you? Imagine with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots...just what you wanted to imagine, huh??😜
Went to this Argentinian place for appetizers. The place had incredible ambience except for this horrible DJ that played music super loud. We requested that they lower the music a little so that we could talk a little easier. And, I'm not kidding, the volume got louder!! And as we were walking out, the DJ gave Brooke a really dirty look!
We chose Asai tonight (we just stumbled upon it) and it turned out to be in both Brooke's and my "top 5" meals of all time...not even kidding! The sushi almost melted in your mouth and the Waygu beef (imported from southern Japan) was amazing. We cooked it ourselves at our table. And Mr. Asai, himself, was our waiter. A humble, lovely, talented man. The second picture was a flat stone that served as a step into the restaurant - so cool.
This restaurant (Comrade) was incredibly beautiful - we were going to eat there, but got sidetracked by a sushi place.
Ignore the hair - just got out of an Uber with my window down. But the flowers were so beautiful!! Btw: traffic in Mexico City is worse than LA - not kidding! Of course, one must bear in mind that Mexico City is the second largest city in the world (30 million including all suburbs). Only Tokyo is larger.
Stopped by the Opera House in Historic City Center today. Bonita!!
Later I made Brooke stop by this coffee shop (or hot chocolate in my case) because you could sit on a swing! How cool is that?
A healthy breakfast for Brooke...he also had toast with hummus and avocado on it...seriously??? Ugh! I had a bacon/Gruyere quiche. Delish!!
Brooke imitating my jump from the day before - he was happy to find the Scotch & Soda store!

24 November 2017

Drinks on the rooftop of our hotel - awesome!!!
I was very energized after a 90 minute massage! It was really incredible - turned out to be about 100 minutes of deep tissue massage.
Just some of the earthquake damage😰
Just some cool buildings (note the broken down taxi in front of the red building - they just work on it right in the street.)
They came over and serenaded me - 3 songs! So infectious and so passionate...we loved it!!!
Came across this Cuban place - it was super cool! They have their own version of Mariachis called Buena Vista! And after they saw me take a snapshot of them...
Out walking and came across some interesting things...
Check out the two colorful staircases in this building- so cool!
Met this cute mutt at breakfast. I asked his owner what the deal was with the goggles. Turns out he's got the same issue as me: dry eye and low tear flow. Seriously???? Since the dog rides on his bike with him he found these dog goggles to help!!
View from right outside our room - looks down on the outdoor dining area. And a beautiful breakfast spread. And the hot chocolate was amazing!
Arriving at DeCondesa Hotel...the rooms are awesome and minimal! (And the last photo is the greeting at the front desk - a shot glass replete with lime, salt and the Tequila!) WECOME TO MEXICO CITY!

23 November 2017

Celebrating Thanksgiving at the hotel bar...(what this picture fails to show is that shortly after the photo was taken Brooke was speaking with his hands again and knocked his glass on the ground shattering it)!!!
Looking down on Palos Verdes, CA. I flew into LA early Thanksgiving morning to pick Brooke up.
Always performing- it's like the world is his stage. On the Aero Mexico flight, they have these book lights attached to the seats, but, of course, they were microphones to Brooke.
If you have to kill a couple of hours... not a bad place!