India · 2 Days · 38 Moments · July 2017

Dharmasthala & Kukke July 15/16 2017

16 July 2017

Back on track
Car wanted a break and I'm having breakfast at Malgudi Restaurant.
Heading back to Namma Bengaluru..
Cofy at Hotel Raghavendra Prasad. Not bad rates considering its a tourist area..
I'm coming back soon..
Darshana done in both temples. Sitting and relaxing.. Rain has come down..
Heavy rain started. In queue. Temple opens at 6:30 AM.
All set and checked out.. towards temple..
Woke up and waiting for hot water ☚ī¸

15 July 2017

Nap time
Done with shopping and back to the room..
Done with the delicious prasada dinner. Back in the temple...
Prasada dinner
Back to temple. Waiting in queue for prasada dinner.. its to start by 7:30 PM
Cofy @ Hotel Raghavendra Prasad
Heavy rain and lovely weather.
Finally a room.. really small one for 600 rs đŸ˜ŗ
Roaming around looking for accommodation. These rain covers are often seen here..
Out of the temple. I got what I came for 🙏🙏. Having elahchi tea in parking lot..
Waiting in queue. Opens at 3:30PM.
Heading towards the bigger temple..
Came to Adi Subramanya temple.. fought with the poojari 🙄. Sitting outside and relaxing..
Reached Kukke..
Towards Kukke temple..
Reached Kukke, to the river "Kumaradhara".
Bye Dharmasthala.. Will come back soon.. Heading towards Kukke. Heavy rain and lovely weather.
Shopping done too..
Yummy prasada 🙏🙏
Had ample darshana. Not crowded at all. Prasada lunch time..
Reached Dharmasthala 🙏
Back on track..
First stop for cofy (more for a pee).. lovely weather to drive after Hassan and its all GREEN !! No filter cofy. Took tea.
Starting towards Dharmasthala.