India · 2 Days · 25 Moments · June 2017

Mysore - June 17/18 2017

18 June 2017

Reached home after er dropping Nagesh at Nayandanahalli and Prasanna at Vidyaranyapura. Thanks to Nagesh for driving from Mysore..
Cofy at Kamat..
Back on track
Stopped at Guru Sweets who are known to be the people behind Mysore Pak - They were the ones to made and offered it to to the King of Mysore some 100 year ago as told by the guy in the shop..
Heading towards Bangalore. Nagesh taking the drivers seat..
At the naming ceremony.. which is yet to start..
Breakfast fast at The New Mysore Refreshments again..
Woke up and body ache 😖.. Need cofy badly..

17 June 2017

Dinner at New Mysore Refreshments..
Did find a nice place for churmuri and masala puri. Churmuri was awesome!! Back to the hotel now. Fully exhausted 😩
Bye bye MoM.. walking back to the hotel and in search of pani puri..
MoM is worth visiting.. Tired of walking and walking.. resting outside MoM..
Out of the movie and shopping time...
Movie time. First theatre movie for Samarth and its Despicable Me 3 and in 3D..
Mall of Mysore
Out of the Zoo. Too tired and good to see brother in law here..
Giraffe !!!
Lunch time!! Inside the Zoo
🐘 🐘🐘🐘
And the 🦌
And the lovely Lemurs
A little fact
Entering the Zoo
Reached Mysore and took the same hotel as we did 2 years back. Price is still the same.. 👏👏 And same room too.. right in front of the Zoo.
Started towards Mysore.. Zoo first..